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Fujimori to face charges over forced sterilization

Peru's top public prosecutor Luis Landa Burgos ordered that new charges be brought against ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori over the forcible sterilization of thousands of indigenous and peasant women during his time in power in the 1990s. Three of his former ministers are also to face charges, as well as his ex-health director. Landa said he has an archive of testimony from survivors including Inés Condori, an indigenous woman from Cuzco region who was the first to speak out about the forced sterilization she underwent in 1995. Fujimori, already convicted on other rights abuses and corruption charges, was released from prison following a presidential pardon in December. Landa is now evaluating the legality of the pardon in light of new criminal charges that have been brought. (Photo of sterilization survivors in community meeting from La República via CNDH)

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Survivors of the ‘disappeared’ protest in Lima

Thousands have taken to the streets of Lima every night since the Christmas Eve pardon of ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori, to be repeatedly dispersed by the riot police with tear-gas. Lead contingents in the marches have been relatives of those assassinated and "disappeared" under Fujimori's rule, especially victims of the Barrios Altos and La Cantuta massacres—carried out in 1991 and 1992, respectively, by regime-linked death squads against suspected sympathizers of the Shining Path. Marchers hold placards with the faces and names of "disappeared" students, workers and activists from the Fujimori era. (Photo: Diario Uno)

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Fujimori walks: soft coup in Peru?

Protests are breaking out across Peru following the Christmas eve "humanitarian pardon" of imprisoned ex-dictator Alberto Fujimori by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK). The pardon came three days after PPK survived a congressional vote on removing him from office over his embroilment in the Odebrecht scandal. A right-wing bloc led by the dictator's son Kenji Fujimori abstained from the vote, allowing PPK to survive in office—and raising obvious accusations of a quid pro quo. (Photo: Tomate Colectivo)

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Peru: Cuzco unrest over airport plan

Protesters blocked the train line to the Inca archaeological site of Machu Picchu, stranding thousands of tourists during a 48-hour paro (civil strike) by residents of Peru's Cuzco region. British-owned PeruRail company said service was being suspended because of the blockades. At issue is a planned new airport for the Cuzco area, that was suspended in March due to controversies surrounding the construction contract.

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Peru: mass mobilization against Fujimori pardon

Thousands marched in Lima to demand that Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski not pardon ex-strongman Alberto Fujimori, now serving a 25-year term for human rights violations.

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APEC summit: Peru moves closer to China

At the APEC the summit in Lima, China and Peru signed a series of bilateral agreements to advance "free trade" and cooperation in the mineral and resource sectors.

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Peru: heir to Tupac Amaru II comes forward

A descendant of Túpac Amaru II attended commemorations in Cuzco, marking 236 years since the claimant to the Inca throne  launched his indigenous uprising.

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Peru: rural mayor killed in jungle unrest

The mayor of a jungle pueblo was among three killed in clashes during a general strike related to the Camisea gas pipeline in Peru's Convención Valley.

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Peru: deadly repression of pipeline protests

A 16-year-old protester was shot dead by National Police troops at Santa Teresa village in Cuzco region, during a protest against construction of a gas pipeline  through local lands.

The Amazon

Ethnic cleansing on Peru’s jungle border

Highly vulnerable "uncontacted" indigenous bands who recently emerged in the Brazil-Peru border region told neighboring tribes that they were fleeing violent attacks in Peru.