Back Issues

Summer 2022: Russia’s Strategy to Destabilize the Balkans; Russian Genocide of the Ukrainian Nation:¬†Toward International Recognition

Spring 2022: Crimea: Legacy of the Deportation: Crimean Tatars Again Being Erased from History in Their Homeland; Apology to the ‘Witches;” Why Now?; Environmental War Crimes in Ukraine; Echoes of Syria, as Putin Bombs Hospitals in Ukraine; The Crimean Clause of the Ukrainian Question

Winter 2021-2: Afghanistan: Going Back to Zero; Libya: Worsening Prospects for Peace; Ukraine: Kharkov Anarchists Speak; Myanmar: Crises Spiral One Year After Coup; Statement from Ukrainian Socialists; On the Ethiopian Civil War

Fall 2021: India: Outcry Against ‘Special Powers’ After Nagaland Masssacre; ‘What Must Be Done for the Planet’: The Campaign to Shut Down New England’s Last Coal Plant; Anti-Asian Persecution in California’s Cannabis Country

Summer 2021: Iran: The Tragedy of Ahwaz; Afghan Women Who Are Speaking Out; Women’s Rights Activist Confronts a Divided Bangladesh; Mexico: Will Cannabis Decrim De-escalate Drug War?;¬†Rohingya Feminist Seeks Inter-Ethnic Unity;¬†Iran: A New Wave of Mass Protest

Spring 2021: Sri Lanka’s Animal Emblems: How they Exacerbate Ethnic Tension;¬†Burma’s Genocide ‚ÄĒthe View from Bangladesh; Anarchy in Belarus: Anti-authoritarian Voices in Uprising against the Dictatorship; US Militarizing Borders in Central America; Biden Must Stop Deporting Haitians; Ethnic Minorities and Burma’s Democratic Resistance

Winter 2020-1: Burma: A New Democratic Uprising; Invoke Inter-American Charter for USA

Fall 2020: Journo-Murder Surge in India;¬†Hibakusha ‘Still Cannot Get Over It’;¬†Anarchist Commune Manchuria

Summer 2020: Two Faces of Fascism;¬†Trump’s America No Longer Safe for Refugees;¬†The Monumental Dilemma;¬†Has Pandemic Strengthened Xi Jinping?

Spring 2020: Shadow War on the Borderlands: Guerrillas, Smugglers and Militarization on Colombia-Venezuela Frontier; We Are Killing Them: Heavy Toll COVID-19 on Undocumented Immigrants; Can Newspapers Survive COVID-19?

Winter 2019-20: Stalin’s Caucasus Crimes‚ÄĒThat Putin Wants You to Forget;¬†Squat Calabria;¬†2019: India Improves Journo-Murder Index

Fall 2019: Idlib Resists: Syrian Resistance Stands Up Again‚ÄĒThis Time Against Islamist Militia;¬†Left Waiting: Africans Caught in US-Mexico Migration Limbo

Summer 2019: Rome Squatters Face Clampdown;¬†How India Complicated Kashmir Dispute; Algeria: Bouteflexit Complete. Now What?; Syria: From Revolution to Quagmire;¬†‘Russiagate’, Syria and the Left

Spring 2019: Critique of Geopolitics and the Left: Interview with Veteran Journalist and Activist Bill Weinberg; US Left Must Not Forget Afghan Women

Winter 2018-9: Anti-Terror Law Could Target Aid Groups‚ÄĒin Palestine and Beyond;¬†Weather War:¬†How Iran’s Regime Uses Floods and Drought as Tools of Ethnic Cleansing;¬†Togo Protests Challenge Dictatorship;¬†It’s Not About ‘Regime Change’:¬†A Brief Account of US Intervention in Syria;¬†Cuba Surrenders ‘Green Scare’ Fugitive

Fall 2018: Blasphemy Laws & Human Rights: Ireland’s Vote to Remove Blasphemy from Constitution and the Asia Bibi Case;¬†The Guatemala Genocide Case:¬†Justice Delayed, Justice Denied?;¬†No! Idlib is Not a ‘Terrorist Enclave’

Summer 2018: First Nations Resist BC Pipeline Plans;¬†Red-Brown Politics: Don’t Take the Bait!;¬†Turkish Kurdistan: Erasure of a Culture;¬†Mass Protests Sweep Vietnam

Spring 2018: In Defense of Tactical Voting‚ÄĒWith No Illusions, and No Apologies;¬†Outcast Lawyers in China: Disbarment, Suspension and Harassment;¬†The Struggle for a Federal Burma;¬†Syria and the ‘Anti-Imperialism’ of Fools;¬†Israel’s Greater Jerusalem Bill;¬†People of the Earth: The Mapuche Struggle in Chile

Winter 2017-8: China’s Peaceful Rise?¬†The Fate of Lawyer Liu Yao;¬†Positively Quilca Street: Anarchist Scene Survives ‘Clean-Up’ in Lima, Peru;¬†Seeking Justice for Gujarat Genocide:¬†Interview with Teesta Setalvad;¬†The Revolution Will not be Disneyfied:¬†But Has Disney Been Revolutionized? The Paradoxical Politics of Black Panther;¬†New Displacement Crisis in Syria: Turkey’s Offensive Against Kurds Follows Assad’s Offensive in Idlib;¬†Europe Sends Afghans Back to Danger

Fall 2017: Violence, Power and Mining in Peru: The Case of Las Bambas;¬†The Violence of Extractivism:¬†Mega-Dam Project Now a Site of Heightened Conflict in Post-War Colombia;¬†The Rise and Fall of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan; Syria’s Kurdish Contradiction; After Gauri Lankesh: Standing for the Human Rights of Journalists in India

Summer 2017: Panama: Criminalization of the Ng√§be;¬†Cuba Verde Revisited:¬†Will Island’s Ecological Solutions Survive Economic Opening?;¬†Dismantling Power:¬†Zapatista Presidential Candidate’s Vision to Transform Mexico from Below;¬†A Feminist Future for Free Kurdistan:¬†Interview with Houzan Mahmoud;¬†The Gaza Siege at Ten:¬†Reaching a Humanitarian and Political Breaking Point

Spring 2017: China’s Ivanka Trump Sweatshops;¬†Mussolini in Lower Manhattan: Against the Red-Brown Alliance;¬†I Fought in Libya: Please Don’t Call Us Terrorists;¬†High Crimes and Misdemeanors:¬†Did Trump Commit Them?; Syria’s Nonviolent Fighters; Tribal Rights and Federal Obligations from Dakota Access to Keystone XL; Donald Trump: A Fascist by Any Other Name; India: Assamese Muslim Girl Overcomes Diktat

Winter 2016-7: Community Power Against Mega-Mining:¬†The Municipal Resistance in El Salvador;¬†Only Left Radicalism Can Stop Fascism;¬†Burma: Scribe’s Murder Tests Democracy;¬†American ‘Left’ Abets Trump-Putin Axis;¬†The Global Land Grab;¬†Climate Change & Bolivia’s Crisis Drought;¬†New York City Protests Against Evictions… in Tibet

Fall 2016: Syria: Counter-revolution Crushes Aleppo;¬†Electors Must Dump Trump;¬†American ‘Left’ Abets Genocide in Syria;¬†Trumps’ Victory and Immigration,¬†Algeria: New Staging Post for Migrants;¬†The KGB Had Nothing on Verizon;¬†Danes Who Stand with Refugees;¬†The Dakota Access Pipeline:¬†A Legal Environmental Justice Perspective;¬†Saudi Women Push for Full Rights;¬†War in Ukraine:¬†The View from the East Village

Summer 2016: Another Week Closer to Fascism: Putin Shows What Trump has in Store for America;¬†Self-Organization in the Syrian Revolution;¬†The Fall of Daraya:¬†From Roses to Evacuation¬†in Syria;¬†Climate Change & Creative Revolt;¬†Peru’s New Government Wants More China;¬†Green Party, White Privilege;¬†Defeat Pendejo-Fascism! Bernie’s OK ‚ÄĒ But not ‘Or Bust’;¬†Oaxaca Teachers Movement: Not Thwarted by State Terror;¬†Democracy Goddess Comes to Chinatown;¬†Why Mining Corporations Love Trade Deals

Spring 2016: El Ni√Īo and Ethiopia’s Threatened Pastoralists;¬†Nigeria’s Chibok Girls: Do We Really Care?;¬†Adieu to the ‘Peace Pentagon’;¬†Challenging the Nation State in Syria;¬†A Federal Syria:¬†Kurdish Initiatives on the Rise;¬†Syria’s Independent Media: A Bold Challenge to Extremism;¬†Fair Trade: Threat to Global Poor;¬†The Free Trade Assault on Clean Water:¬†Mining Companies Sue Colombia for ‘Right’ to Pollute;¬†The Firewall Cafe Controversy: Chinese State Censorchip Reaches Manahttan’s Lower East Side;¬†Drilling Toward Disaster: Ecuador’s Aggressive Amazonian Oil Push; Mozambique’s Movement to End Land Grabs

Winter 2015-6: No Way Out:¬†How Syrians are Struggling to Find an Exit;¬†Water: Commodity or Human Right?;¬†Berber New Year in a Ukrainian Church; Syria: Revolution and Intervention; India: Elusive Justice for Assam Victims; Drought and Disaster for Somali Herders; Iran’s ‘Moderate’ Hangman; Relief for Libya’s ‘Chinese Camp’?; Ethnic ‘Divide and Conquer’ in Israel; The Sieges in Syria; Indigenous Communities Win Consulation Law in Guatemala; Syria: Raqqa Civilians on the Line; Independence Hero to Opposition Icon: Hocine Ait Ahmed, Algeria’s Voice of Conscience, Passes On

Fall 2015: DIY in Damascus:¬†Rooftop Gardens in Syria’s Besieged Neighborhoods;¬†Syrian Refugees Defy Crackdown in Turkey; Climate Change Migrants of Bangladesh;¬†Suqatter Eviction has Pakistan’s Poor on the Run;¬†Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike in Texas;¬†Russia’s Syria Intervention ‚ÄĒand the Left;¬†Refugees Face Backlash ‚ÄĒin India;¬†Rasul Kadaev: From Guant√°namo Bay to Putin’s Prisons; Epistemologies of Freedom: Interview with a Young Kurdish Revolutionary; Paramilitary Terror in the Philippines; For Solidarity, Against Imperial Narcissism: An Interview with Bill Weinberg; Japan’s Constitutional Crisis: Questioning US Support for Tokyo’s National Security Moves

Summer 2015: Afghanistan’s Paramilitaries:¬†Abuses Rise Along with Pro-Government Militias;¬†US Failing Kids Fleeing Central America;¬†So Much for Sanctuary:¬†How an EU Asylum Rule ‘Results in Death’;¬†Uighurs Caught in the Great Game;¬†Four Years After the Arab Revolutions;¬†Chicago’s Rebel Rabbi:¬†An Interview with Brant Rosen;¬†Yemen: Splintering Out of Control;¬†Iraq’s Deepening Divides;¬†Border Control: Now a Global Game

Spring 2015: Bangladesh: After the Blogger Murders; US Failing Syrian Refugees; The Nicaragua Canal Plan: Resisting¬†¬†Dispossession; Against the Imperial ‘We’: The Fight Against ISIS is My Fight; Asylum Seekers Detained ‚ÄĒfor Profit; Taiwan: One Year After the Sunflower Movement; Is Tibet a Country?

Winter 2014-5: Why Did UN Abandon Congo Operation?;¬†Syria’s Kurdish Revolution:¬†The Anarchist Element and the Challenge of Solidarity;¬†Omar Aziz: Syrian Anarchist;¬†Death of Literacy: Digital Totalitarianism;¬†What’s Next for Libya?;¬†Neither East Nor West:¬†How a small group of anarchists took on the Soviet Union and won!;¬†Nigerian Lives Matter: the Baga Massacre Controversy;¬†Jihadist Scylla,¬†Imperial Charybdis;¬†Peruvian Communities Reject COP 20;¬†Central African Republic: Whither Justice?

Fall 2014: Impressions of Rojava: Kurdish Revolution in Syria;¬†Immigration Enforcement: Anti-Labor Tool;¬†The World’s Strangest Landgrab: Wandering Amu Darya River Opens Afghanistan¬†Border Conflict;¬†Mauritania: Crackdown on Land Struggle;¬†Colombia: Talks with the Other Guerillas?;¬†Yemen: Street Patrols and Polarization;¬†Liberians in US Face Ebola Stigma;¬†Burkina Faso: A Thousand Sankaras Come of Age;¬†Bolivia’s CONAMAQ Indigenous Movement;¬†Black versus Yellow: Class Antagonism in the Hong Kong Protests;¬†Kurdistan’s Female Fighters: Revolution Kobani-Style;¬†South Africa: New Struggle for Land;¬†Fracking Fight Looms Large in Mexico

Summer 2014: Water vs Profits:¬†Mineral Company Strikes Back at El Salvador;¬†Why UN Climate Talks Continue to Fail;¬†Standing Up for Gaza in New York City: Not for the Squeamish;¬†Seeing the Women in Revolutionary Syria;¬†The New PKK:¬†Social Revolution in Kurdistan; Gazans Face Struggle on War Crimes Claims; Understanding Syria’s Four-Front War; Practicing Peace in Wartime: Israelis and Palestinians Who Refuse to Be Enemies; Selective Internationalism: Gaza and Syria Reveal an Activist Disorder; Brazil’s Defeat: Beyond Football; Archaeology and the Zionist Project; Left Solidarity with Syria: Supporting the Grassroots Movements; Nicaragua: Specter of the Canal; Iraq and ISIS: The Kurdish Factor

Spring 2014: Occupy Fortul:¬†Colombian Poor Reclaim Lands Slated for Military Base;¬†Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui:¬†Indigenous Anarchist Critique of Bolivia’s ‘Indigenous State’;¬†Yuhang Protests Shake Chinese Regime;¬†Did Narendra Modi Abet Mass Murder?;¬†Nigeria: Towards a Post-Petroleum Future; Heartland Stands Up to Keystone;¬†Ukraine: Revolution and Contradiction;¬†From Algeria to Syria:¬†Kurdish-Berber Solidarity;¬†Taiwan’s Alternative Future: Revolutionary Content in the Sunflower Movement; Rebirth of Hope in Colombia: Return of the Patriotic Union; Brazilian Hydro Behind Bolivia’s Flooding?; China’s Strategic Interests in Post-Withdrawal Afghanistan; Mali: Hopes for Reconciliation

Winter 2013-14: Yassin al-Haj Saleh: Interview with the Conscience of Syria;¬†Syria: Between Iraq and a Hard Place;¬†The Far Right in Ukraine: A New Order?;¬†COINTELPRO and Divisive Hate;¬†War and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan;¬†Mega-Mining in Uruguay;¬†Nigeria: Slippery Justice for Oil Spill Victims;¬†Empires of Gold:¬†Colombian Extractivism Today;¬†The Battle Over Sustainable Development in Ecuador’s Intag Valley;¬†The Return of Black Mesa: Restoring Navajo Country;¬†Peru: Police in the Pay of Mining Companies;¬†Syria: Genocide by International Consensus;¬†The Veil: Flag of the Muslim Far Right

Fall 2013: Nagasaki Call for Nuclear Abolition;¬†COP 19: True Crime; China’s Third Plenum: More Market, More Dictatorship;¬†Uranium Mining and Native Resistance;¬†Syria: The Struggle Continues; Bolivia: The Politics of Extractivism; Burma: Open for Business of Genocide; Global Warming and the End of Growth;¬†Indigenous Language Recovery in Peru;¬†Trans-Pacific Partnership: Strict Secrecy;¬†Global Warming’s Arctic Feedback Loop

Summer 2013: Guant√°namo Justice: No Justice At All;¬†Syria: It’s Still a Revolution;¬†Solidarity Betrayed:¬†How the Left Came to Abandon Syria;¬†Revolutionary Egypt: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times;¬†History Rewritten:¬†Egypt’s Battle Over Narratives;¬†Military Seeks Egyptian Thermidor; Road Wars of Colombian Amazonia;¬†Mexico’s Drug War Prison Boom;¬†Egypt: Revolutionaries Push Out Islamists;¬†Egypt: A People’s Revolution, Not a Crisis or a Coup;¬†Monsanto Faces Opposition in Puerto Rico;¬†Anarchism in Egypt: An Interview from Tahrir Square;¬†Brazil: Private Transit, Public Protests;¬†Is Mexico Failing to Protect Journalists?

Spring 2013: Guatemala’s Long Road to Justice;¬†Peru Backslides on Indigenous Rights;¬†Turkish Hopes for a New Beginning;¬†Whither Iran’s Democratic Opposition?;¬†Mexico: Violence and Impunity in Xalapa;¬†US Still Supports Honduran Death Squads;¬†Lakota Elders: “Going Extinct is Genocide”;¬†Why Russell “Maroon” Shoatz Must Be Freed from Solitary Confinement;¬†Looking for Gandhis in Mexico;¬†Curvarado Humanitarian Zone: Afro-Colombian Communities Reclaim the Land;¬†Palestinians and the Syrian Revolution;¬†Venezuela’s Debt to Indigenous Peoples;¬†Trans-Atlantic Partnership Trade Pact

Winter 2012-13: Planet Earth: Nuclear-Free Zone;¬†Anarchism and the Arab Uprisings;¬†Marx and Extractivism in Latin America;¬†Can Vigilante Justice Save Mexico?;¬†Tunisia on Razor’s Edge;¬†Struggle for Land and Water in the Andes;¬†US Marines and the Drug War in Guatemala;¬†Iraq: No Future for al-Qaeda’s Children;¬†The Sandstorm of War in Northern Mali;¬†WikiLeaks,¬†Ecuador, and the Belarus Connection;¬†Global Warming and Bolivia’s Kallawaya Healers;¬†India: Tibetans March for Human Rights;¬†If You’re Reading This, the World Hasn’t Ended ‚ÄĒYet

Fall 2012: Guatemala’s “Little School of the Americas”;¬†Ethiopia’s Anuak Confront World Bank over Ethnic Cleansing;¬†Honduras: Drug War as Counterinsurgency?;¬†Military Intervention in Mali;¬†The Descent of the Colombian Army;¬†Haiti: Hidden Costs of the Industrial Zone;¬†Peru’s Sendero Luminoso Back ‚ÄĒand the ‘Dirty War’?;¬†The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Pact: More Draconian Than NAFTA;¬†Behind the Chicago Connection: The DEA and Sinaloa Cartel;¬†Peruvians Stand Up to Newmont Mining;¬†Guant√°namo Detainees: The “Other” Victims of 9-11; Year Two of the Arab Revolution; Mexican Peace Caravan Occupies Wall Street; Goldcorp on Trial in Guatemala; The Babar Ahmad Case: Do US Prisons Violate European Human Rights Law?; Bolivia’s Aymara Dissidents; Indigenous Nasa Resist Militarization in Cauca, Colombia; The Wal-Mart Corruption Case: Innocents Abroad?; Tibet & Assam: Pawns in India-China Game; Guatemala: Divide and Rule in the Land of Gold; The Dark Side of WikiLeaks: Revisited; Syria: The Myth of Palestinian Neutrality; Israel and Iran: Protesters Unite for Peace; Bolivia Pushes Back Against Glencore; Quebec Innu Protest Plan Nord

WW4R #178, Summer 2012: REDD: Peruvian Rainforest Dwellers Charge Privatization Scheme; Argentina’s Oil: Will Privatization Make a Difference?; Occupy Guatemala!; Mesoamerica Project Replaces Plan Puebla-Panama; Mexican High-Tech Workers Demand Justice; India: Passive Resistance to Mega-Hydro in Assam

Special Feature: Left-Libertarians: The Last of an Ancient Breed

WW4R #177, December 2011: Will the World Betray Burma’s Pro-Democracy Movement?; Occupy Ju√°rez Defies Repression; Land Theft as Legacy of Genocide in Guatemala; Brazil: Guarani Leader Slain in Land Occupation; iDidn’t Mourn Steve Jobs

WW4R #176, November 2011: Occupy Tijuana Tests Civil Rights; The Bolivia Genocide Case: US Shelters Top Fugitive; India-Burma Anti-Terror Alignment Betrays Pro-Democracy Movement; Israelis & Palestinians: Co-resistance vs. Co-existence; The Algerian Mosque that Sheltered Jews in Nazi-Occupied Paris

WW4R #175, July 2011: Chile: The Mapuche Struggle in Pinochet’s Shadow; Love, Memory & Struggle in Ciudad Ju√°rez; Feminist Solidarity with Iran; Labor Roots of Egypt’s Revolution; China’s Growing Presence in Latin America; Haiti 1994: Lessons for Libya; Secrets of Gaza: Izzeldin Abuelaish’s Quest for Peace

WW4R #174, May 2011: Libya’s Two Wars: Revolutionary Struggle and NATO Intervention; Syria’s Downward Spiral; Wirikuta: Sacred Indigenous Site in Mexico Threatened by Canadian Mining Company; Trotskygrad on the Altiplano: Bolivia’s “Permanent Revolution”

WW4R #173, March 2011: Anti-Imperialism and the Libyan Revolution; Latin America and the Arab Revolts; Washington’s North Africa Dilemma: How Will the Empire React?; Revolution in the Age of Facebook

WW4R #172, January 2011: Bolivia’s New Water Wars; Canc√ļn Pact: No Victory for Climate Justice; The Dark Side of WikiLeaks; Turning Point for Chihuahua Drug War; Europe’s Year of Intolerance

WW4R #171, September 2010: 9-11 at Nine: The Conspiracy Industry and the Lure of Fascism; The Mosque Controversy ‚ÄĒIn China; West Bank Bedouin: Worse Off than Gazans; US Attacks Iraqi Labor; Extreme Weather and Global Warming

WW4R #170, August 2010: BP: The Case for Public Ownership; Blockade! Dockworkers Worldwide Respond to Israel’s Flotilla Massacre; Interview: Sheikh Anwar McKeen, King of Nubia; Book Review: Rwanda and the Politics of Denialism

WW4R #169, July 2010: Private Prisons, Public Pain: Systematic Abuse in Texas’ For-Profit Archipelago; Wildcat Strikes in China: Towards an Independent Labor Movement?; Colombia Terror: Cinton’s Complicity; The Supreme Court, Somalia and Sovereign Immunity: Historic Ruling Means US Is Not a Safe Haven for War Criminals

WW4R #168, June 2010: The Climate Justice Groundswell: From Copenhagen to Cochabamba to Canc√ļn; Venezuela and the Myth of “Eco-Socialism”; Peru: Peasants Protest Irrigation Megaproject; Haiti: Struggle and Solidarity After the Cataclysm; Mexico’s Other Disappeared: Demanding Justice for Missing Migrants; Pogroms, Paranoia and Polling in India: A Muslim Woman Confronts Her Fear of Voting‚ÄĒEight Years After the Gujarat Massacres

WW4R #167, May 2010: Honduras and the Political Uses of the Drug War; Why the Media Ignore Latin America; Mexico: Media Misreadings of the Border Violence; Somalia: Where Fun is Forbidden

WW4R #166, April 2010: “Rebuilding Haiti”: The Sweatshop Hoax; Falklands Crisis Redux; AfriCom and the New Scramble for Africa; Afghanistan: Women’s Rights Still Trampled; The Traumas of Immigration Law

WW4R #165, March 2010: Bloody Calabria: Criminal Networks Exploit Italy’s Anti-Immigrant Backlash; Drug War Drones Over Latin America; Plan Ju√°rez: Echoes of Chiapas on Mexico’s Northern Border; Gaza Fishermen Under Fire; The Paradoxical Politics of¬†Avatar:¬†A Hollywood Simulacrum of Indigenous Struggle

WW4R #164, February 2010: Haiti: the Challenge of Solidarity; Haiti and the Jews: Forgotten History; Mexico: Drug War Militarization Continues in 2010; Western Sahara and Aminatou Haidar; Obama’s First Year: What Comes Next For the Anti-War Forces?; Venezuela: Voices of Participatory Democracy

WW4R #163, January 2010: Peru’s Amazon Uprising: Indigenous Resistance to the Corporate Agenda; Somalia Case Threatens War Criminals Worldwide: US Supreme Court to Rule on Sovereign Immunity; Notes on Obama’s Energy Plan: “Everything Must Change So That Everything Can Remain the Same”; Israel & Palestine: Combatants for Peace Speak Out; Holocaust Denial in the Arab World: Why It is On the Rise; A New Deal for Immigrants in 2010?

WW4R #162, December 2009: Obama’s European Missile Plan and the Czech Anti-Bases Movement; Afghanistan: No to Fundamentalist Criminals, No to the US Occupation; The Torture of Syed Hashmi: Terror War on Trial in New York City; Women in Black Confront Impunity and Femicide in Ciudad Ju√°rez; Colombia: One Year After the Minga; Corporate Bio-Colonialism Advances in Mexico; Book Review: Of Wobblies and Zapatistas

WW4R #161, November 2009: Iraqi Labor Leaders Speak; Venezuelan Labor Between Ch√°vez and the Golpistas; Indigenous Struggle in Venezuela; Free-Trade Roots of Mexico’s Narco Crisis; Coca-Cola Off the Hook for Colombia Terror; Plan Colombia: Exporting the Model; Why Neoliberalism Needs Death Squads in Colombia

WW4R #160, August-September 2009: Otto Reich’s Fingerprints on Honduras Coup?; Honduras: the Banana Connection‚ÄĒAgain; Politics-as-Usual While the Planet Burns: Climate Bill Offers Pseudo-Solutions; Worldwatch Plays Along: Malthus, Biofuels and Free-Market Environmentalism; A Billion Bucks for Clunkers Ain’t Green; The Untold Story of Women’s Resistance Behind Bars

WW4R #159, July 2009: Honduras: the Resistance So Far; Austerity, Privatization and Union-Busting in Iran; Sufis and Neocons: the Global War on Terrorism’s Strangest of Bedfellows; Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis Exploit Growing Anti-Roma Racism; “Operation Chihuahua Plus”: A Textbook Case in Drug War Failure; Teaching Rebellion in in Oaxaca

WW4R #158, June 2009: The “Colombianization” of Chihuahua; Kidnap, No Ransom: Drug Cartel Slave Labor in Northern Mexico?; Mexico’s Resurgent Guerillas; Mega-Projects and Militarization in Oaxaca

WW4R #157, May 2009: The Voice of Free Somaliland; AfriCom: Making Peace or Fueling War?; Darfur and the International Criminal Court; Counter-Terrorism Threatens Spanish Democracy; Lost Daughters of the Rio Grande

WW4R #156, April 2009: Ciudad Ju√°rez Militarized; Humanitarian Aid as Crime on the Southwest Border; Amnesty Now: How and Why; Guatemalans Resist Mega-Mines and Hydro-Dams; Mapping Controversy in Oaxaca: Zapotects Protest Pentagon-Funded Cartography Project; Is the Defense Budget A Stimulus Package?; Lessons from Post-Consumerist Cuba

WW4R #155, March 2009: Obama, Kyrgyzstan and the Great Game for Central Asia; Prisons Beyond Guant√°namo: Thousands of “Enemy Combatants” Held in Global Gulag; Obama’s Biggest Foreign Policy Challenge: Mexico?; Mexico’s Southwestern Front: Low-Intensity War in Michoac√°n and Guerrero; NAFTA and Hemispheric Militarization; Terror in Perij√°: Resource Wars on Venezuela’s Indigenous Frontier; Biofuels: Promise or Threat?

WW4R #154, February 2009: Afghanistan: Building on Traditions of Peacemaking; Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal: Real or Illusion?; Palestine: New Standards on Self-Determination Needed; Lomas de Poleo: Border Land Battle Sizzles; Chiapas: Portrait of the Resistance; Hipster Anti-Semitism

WW4R #153, January 2009: Opus Dei: The Vatican-Pentagon Connection; Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis Prepare Anti-Roma Pogroms; Border Under Siege: US Military Training and Texas Guns Fuel Mexico’s Narco Wars; Obama and the Border Wall; The Financial Crisis Hits the Immigration Debate; Colombia: Indigenous Leader Assassinated

WW4R #152, December 2008: New Texas Gas War: Fort Worth Confronts Corporate Colonization; California Town Beats Back the Water Cartel; Colombia: U’wa Fight New Oil Exploration; Ch√°vez Faces Geopolitical Nadir?; Who Is Behind the Assam Terror?; Nationalize the Banks!; Quantum of Anti-Imperialism: James Bond Saves Evo Morales from the CIA!

WW4R #151, November 2008: Assam in Flames: Jihad and Ethnic Conflict Heat Up India-Bangladesh Borderlands; Darfur and Sudan: Towards Revolution; Bolivia: Congress Approves Constitutional Referendum; Lomas de Poleo: Land Struggle in Ciudad Ju√°rez; Book Review:The World We Wish To See

WW4R #150, October 2008: Behind the Econocataclysm: Globalization, Oil Shock and the Iraq War; Venezuela: the Next Cuban Missile Crisis?; UN Membership for Eurasia’s Phantom Republics?; Sami Al-Arian Case Exposes Federal Immigration Gulag; Corporate Power and the Secure Border Initiative

WW4R #149, September 2008: New Orleans Three Years Later: Katrina and Counterinsurgency; Public Housing Defenders Face Terror Charges; Permanent People’s Tribunal on Colombia; Indigenous Peoples and Ecuador’s New Constitution; Immigration Detention: the Case for Abolition

WW4R #148, August 2008: Colombia’s Heart of Darkness in Manhattan‚ÄĒand Washington; McCain’s Big Oil Ties‚ÄĒfrom Iraq to Colombia; Total Recall in Bolivia; General Strike in Peru; Hokkaido: the Anti-Climate Summit

WW4R #147, July 2008: Shake Djibouti: Eritrea Crisis Destabilizes Imperialism’s Horn of Africa Beachhead; Will Bolivarian Revolution End Coal Mining in Venezuela?; Obama and the School of the Americas; John Hagee & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Fearful Symmetry; Israel & Palestine: Demanding Co-existence

WW4R #146, June 2008: Enough With the Hugo Ch√°vez Hero Worship; Santa Cruz Autonomy Vote Polarizes Bolivia; Landowner’s Rebellion & Slavery in Bolivia; Bolivia After the Water Wars; Guatemala Genocide Trial; The Anti-Imperialist Case for Tibetan Freedom; Global Article 9 Conference in Japan

WW4R #145, May 2008: Free Trade and the Global Food Crisis; The New Walls of Baghdad; Israeli Settlers Destroy Palestinian Olive Groves; Mapping the Complicity of Israeli Architecture; Colonization and Resistance in Tibet; Review: Memoirs of a Tibetan Marxist

WW4R #144, April 2008: The US Threat to Mexican National Security: Gringos Arm Narco-Gangs; The North American Union Farce: Right-Wing Paranoia Misses the Real Threat of NAFTA’s Militarization; The Audacity of Vagueness: Barack Obama on Latin America; John McCain’s Pastors; “MOVE 9” Await Parole

WW4R #143, March 2008: Roma Demand Holocaust Remembrance in Czech Republic; Kosovo‚Äôs Independence Reverberates Across Eurasia; Threatened Groves of Galilee: Palestinians Struggle for Land and Dignity‚ÄĒInside the Green Line; Canada’s Secret War in Iraq; Perspectives on Colombia from the US Civil War

WW4R #142, February 2008: Transnationals and the Oil Shock; Global Warming and Global Justice; Marlon Santi: New Voice of Ecuador’s Indigenous Movement; Bolivar’s Sword: Venezuela and the Colombian Insurgency; Zapatismo in New York City

WW4R #141, January 2008: Iraq’s Civil Resistance Stands Up; Pictures from Palestine; Betrayal at Bali: Towards a People’s Agenda on Climate; Fear and Loathing in Bolivia; Immigration & the Surveillance State

WW4R #140, December 2007: Interview with Niger’s Tuareg Resistance; Iran’s Left Opposition Rejects US Aggression; Plan Mexico: Militarization and the “M√©rida Initiative”; Constitutional Conflict in Bolivia and Venezuela; “Downwinders” Say No to Revived Nuclear Weapons Program

WW4R #139, November 2007: Iraq: Exposing the Corporate Agenda; Darfur: Not a “Clash of Civilizations”; El Salvador: Struggle for Water Rights; Flathead Flashpoint: the Coming War with Canada; Book Review: Mexican Radical Noir

WW4R #138, October 2007: Israeli High Court Returns Palestinian Lands?; Militarism and Islamist Extremism in Pakistan; Darfur: A New Cold War Over Oil; Paraguay: Laboratory for Latin America’s New Militarism; Colombia: Paras, Army Still Killing Peasants; Indigenous Anarchism in Bolivia; Book Review: Pirates of the Mediterranean

WW4R #137, September 2007: The Israel Lobby & Global Hegemony: Revisited; Yemen: The Next Quagmire; Mauritania’s New Anti-slavery Law; Bolivia: End of the New Social Pact?; Guatemala: Maya Fight the Mineral Cartel; Quebec: Protests Rock NAFTA Summit; NYC: Toxic Dust at Ground Zero; Against the Carbon Culture

WW4R #136, August 2007: Colombia’s Paramilitary Paradox; Iran: The Anti-Imperialist Case Against Nuclear Power; Iran: State Still Stones Women; Roma: “Verging on Genocide” in Czech Republic; Book Review:¬†The Great Syrian Revolt

WW4R #135, July 2007: Iraq: A New Age of Genocide?; Voices of Iraqi Oil Workers; Israel & Palestine: One State or Two?; Free Speech in Venezuela; ILEA in El Salvador; The MOVE Massacre: 22 Years Later; The Gas-Guzzler Lobby

WW4R #134, June 2007: Czech Dissidents Resist the New Euro-Missiles; Algeria: Democracy Crumbling?; Africa’s Indigenous Peoples Fight for Inclusion; Hydro-Colonialism in Canada and Mexico; Latin America: ALBA Grows, World Bank Shrinks; Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Ing√©nue or Provocateur?

WW4R #133, May 2007: Return of Plan Puebla-Panama; Indigenous Summit in Guatemala; Mining & Violence in Mexico: the Canadian Connection; China in Africa: the New Debate; India: Human Rights & the Naxalite War; Costa Rica to Vote on CAFTA; Nicaragua: Sandinista Redux

WW4R #132, April 2007: Yemen on the Brink of Sectarian War; Somalia: the New Resistance; Gaza Strip: Still Under Seige; Rape & Reform in Pakistan; Bionoia Pt. 6; Tom Forçade: Unsung Hero of the Counter-culture

WW4R #131, March 2007: Iran: the Left Opposition Speaks; Sufism under attack in North Africa; FARC on Trial, Pt. 2; Bolivia: Street Heat for Nationalization; the Vietnam GI Movement & Iraq

WW4R #130, February 2007: The Shi’ite “Cult” Militia and Iraq’s Apocalypse; Guatemala: Mineral Cartel Evicts Maya Peasants; Africa: Presidents in the Dock; Russia: Conscientious Objection & Chechnya; Review:¬†Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change

WW4R #129, January 2007: Niger Delta Militias: Behind the Mask; Colombia: the Paras and the Oil Cartel; Land & Power in Bolivia; Peru: Elite Face the Heat; Review: Apocalypto

WW4R #128, December 2006: Chiapas: Struggle for the Lacandon Selva; Rafael Correa: Ecuador’s Chavez?; Venezuela: Zulia Separatism & the Oil Cartel; Indigenous Border Summit; Betrayal of Western Sahara; Nuclear-Free Central Asia; Real Scoop on Biofuels

WW4R #127, November 2006: The Israel Lobby & Global Hegemony; Bush Moves Towards Martial Law; FARC on Trial; Demilitarizing Latin America; Bolivia: gas & coca updates; Trade Protests Rock Costa Rica; Review: Endgame in Western Sahara

WW4R #126, October 2006: Save Darfur: Zionist Conspiracy?; Slavery in Sudan & Mauritania; Mexico’s Two Presidents; Ecuador: Luis Maca interveiw; El Salvador: water privatization update; Review:¬†Understanding Iraq

WW4R #125, September 2006: 9-11 Conspiracy Theory Deconstructed; Lebanon: After the 33-Day War; Agrarian Reform in Bolivia; Mexico: the Labor Crisis Behind the Electoral Crisis; Bionoia Pt. 5; Review: The Big Wedding: 9-11, The Whistle Blowers and the Cover-Up

WW4R #124, August 2006: Lebanon: Endgame of the Neo-cons; Somalia: Washington’s Warlords Lose Out; Constitutional Reform Bolivia; Politics of the Queens Blackout; The “Si Se Puede” Insurrection: A Class Analysis

WW4R #123, July 2006: Sufism & the Struggle within Islam; Bionoia Pt. 4; South America: IIRSA & the FTAA; Cuba and North Korea: Peak Oil Preview; Review: Insurgent Iraq

WW4R #122, June 2006: Iraq’s Civil Resistance: Samir Adil Interview; Anatomy of the West Bank “Realignment”; 9-11’s Hidden Victims; Politics of the FARC Indictments; Bolivia: Evo Seizes the Gas; Review:¬†The Da Vinci Code‚ÄĒdecoding the hype

WW4R #121, May 2006: Bird Flu hype deconstructed; Bionoia Pt. 3; Elections in Palestine & Haiti: This is What Democracy Looks Like!; Colombia Quagmire Deepens; Latin America’s Battle of Ideas

WW4R #120, April 2006: Iraq’s Civil Resistance: Houzan Mahmoud Interview; Blaming “The Lobby”; Nagorno-Karabakh & the Caucasus Pipeline; Anti-CAFTA protests in El Salvador; Review:¬†V for Vendetta

WW4R #119, March 2006: From Baghdad to Tokyo: Japanese Anti-War Movement Hosts Iraq’s Civil Resistance; Operation “Green Colombia”: chemical warfare continues; CAFTA update; Water Privatization in El Salvador; Bolivia’s Radical Cabinet; Review:¬†We Are Iran‚ÄĒBlogging in Farsi

WW4R #118, February 2006: South America Pipeline Wars; Bolivia’s Trial by Fire; Jordan Valley Apartheid; Bionoia Pt. 2; Review: Three Cities Against the Wall

WW4R #117, January 2006: Gilbert Achcar Interview; Media Under Fire in Iraq, Pt. 3; Bolivia: struggles for land and hydrocarbons; Review: Syriana

WW4R #116, December 2005: Politics of the Anti-War Movement; War on Truth at Guantanamo; Paraguay: Pentagon Beachhead; the Bird Flu scare & Avian Fascism; Bionoia Pt. 1; Review: Foucault & the Iranian Revolution

WW4R #115, November 2005: Ojeda Rios: State Terror in Puerto Rico; Algeria’s amnesty vote; Eastern Anatolia: Iraq’s Next Domino?; Review:¬†Imperial Overstretch

WW4R #114, October 2005: Peru: Camisea pipeline advances; Guatemala: Maya resist mineral cartel; Amjad Aljawhary: Iraq labor leader speaks; Eco-warfare in Palestine; Review:Globalizing Liberation

WW4R #113, September 2005: Mauritania: Anti-Slavery Resistance Speaks; Oil & Occupation in Western Sahara; Darfur: Janjaweed Out of Control?; Iraq’s Unionists Defy Assassination and Occupation; “Peak Oil” Deconstructed; Review:¬†Inside the Kingdom

WW4R #112, August 2005: The UN’s Congo War; Media Under Fire in Iraq, Pt. 2; Srebrenica Ten Years Later: Against Bosnia Revisionism; Hunger in Africa: Critque of “Live 8”; Review:The Long Emergency

WW4R #111, July 2005: The Re-Occupation of Haiti; the New Resistance in Argentina; Lebanon at the Crossroads; Battleground Brooklyn: Muslim immigrants still targeted. Review: A Berber Exile’s Paranoia on Route 66

WW4R #110, June 2005: Plan Colombia’s Secret Air Force Program in Peru; Chemical Warfare in Colombia; Indonesia Tsunami Fallout: Remilitarization; Review: Is George Bush a Sith Lord?

WW4R #109, May 2005: Darfur: NATO Intervention?; Iraq: the Provocateur State?; New Nuclear Disarmament Campaign; Review: Kingdom of Heaven

WW4R #108, April 2005: John Negroponte expos√©; Colombia v. Venezuela: the next oil war?; Colombia Peace Community update; Chechnya: Farewell, Alsan Mashkadov; NYC: 9-11’s Toxic Menace; The Anti-war Movement: Two Years Later; Review:¬†The Librarian of Basra

WW4R #107, March 2005: Colombian Peace Community massacre; Is there a “Third Alternative” in Iraq?; Media Under Fire in Iraq; Nuclear Agenda 20005; Islam Karimov: Uzbek Dictator, US Ally; In Defense of Judi Bari; Lynne Stewart Convicted

WW4R #106, January-February 2005: Welcome to World War 4; Tsunami’s hidden toll on India’s indigenous peoples; Pipeline Politics in Ukraine; Iraq & Colombia: the Halliburton connection; War’s Toll at Home; Farewell, Gary Webb

WW4R #105, December 2004: Congo: Rwanda’s Secret War; Towards a Petroleum Commons; US Attacks Iraqi Agriculture; War Crimes charges for Donald Rumsfeld; Free Vermont?! Review:¬†Refusenik!

WW4R #104, November 2004: Updates: genocide in Sudan, Ethiopia; US doubles Colombia troop presence; Iraq’s Marsh Arabs; Global Oil Squeeze: Deconstructing the Propaganda

WW4R #103, October 2004: Indigenous march in Colombia; “Peak Oil” Shock; US-India Terror Summit; Attack on Palestine Cave-Dwellers; Cocaleros Revolt in Peru & Bolivia; Haiti: Armed Gangs Deepen Post-Hurricane Agony

WW4R #102, September 2004: RNC protests in NYC; Secret Oil Wars in Northeast India; Venezuela: Oil Politics & the Recall Vote; Colombia: Uribe Fingered as Nacro Lord; Israel: Civil War Next?

WW4R #101, August 2004: Iraq’s Civil Resistance: Yanar Mohammed Speaks; Israel to UN: Drop Dead!; Darfur: Military Intervention?; Bolivia’s Muddled Gas Nationalization; Farewell, Farouk Abdel-Muhti

WW4R #100, July 2004: Proxy Wars in Congo; Ingushetya: Next Caucasian Domino?: Iraq Meets the New Boss

WW4R #99, June 2004: Hakim Bey on the New Jihad; Darfur: Rwanda Revisited?; US troops fight in Colombia?

WW4R #98, May 2004: Iraq: Interview with Civil Resistance leaders; Israel’s Oppressed Jews; Tear Gas on the West Bank; Harsh Hand for NYC Palestine Protesters; Farouk Free at Last

WW4R #97, April 2004: Special Reports: Genocide in Ethiopia; Hell in Chechnya; Terror in Colombia; Sahel Terror War Front Opens; Anti-War Re-mobilization

WW4R #96, March 2004: Destabilization in Haiti; ethnic cleansing in Sudan; power play in anti-war movement

WW4R #95, February 2004: US imperialism targets Mars; Bruce Ratner targets Brooklyn; land-grab and industrial conspiracy on the West Bank; Anuaks face genocide in Ethiopia

WW4R #94, January 2004: Who really captured Saddam? IDF shoots Israeli activist; secret wars for the Nile; Chiapas: the Acteal massacre six years later; indigenous feminism in India; update on political struggle Antarctica

WW4R #93, December 2003: Palestine faces robo-occupation; Justice Department threatens World War 4 Report

WW4R #92, September-October 2003: Cancun WTO protests; Haitian refugees: forgotten terror war victims; eye-witness reports from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

WW4R #91, August 2003: West Bank: Jayyous under siege; Plan-Puebla Panama resistance in Honduras; eye-witness reports from Colombia’s war zones

WW4R #90, July 2003: The New Scramble for Africa; Iraq archeological plunder; Which World War is This?

WW4R #89, June 9, 2003: Impeachment for Bush? Andes aflame; Congo genocide
WW4R #88, June 2, 2003: NATO split: almost official; Blair to The Hague?; US to Africa: eat shit or die

WW4R #87, May 26, 2003: Indonesia unleashes Aceh bloodbath; Israel represses nonviolence movement
WW4R #86, May 19, 2003: Iraq’s independent press stands up; secret wars in Africa; “Palestinization” of Chechnya
WW4R #85, May 12, 2003: Anti-US protests in Baghdad and Kabul; Benny Elon: Fear of a Muslim Planet
WW4R #84, May 5, 2003: Bechtel back in Iraq; Oxy funds terror in Colombia; Islamic terrorists in Venezuela?

WW4R #83, April 28, 2003: Shi’ites boogie in Karbala; oily politics of occupation; real raiders of the Lost Ark
WW4R #82, April 21, 2003: Anti-US protests in Baghdad, Mosul; Garner and Bechtel chart occupation
WW4R #81, April 14, 2003: Baghdad occupied; war grinds on in Afghanistan, Palestine, Colombia
WW4R #80, April 7, 2003: Baghdad besieged; Karbala under bombardment; West Bank: forced expulsions in Tul Karm

WW4R #79, March 31, 2003: Bloody road to Baghdad; civilian casualties mount; corporate vultures circle in
WW4R #78, March 24, 2003: Bush launches Iraq invasion; new offensive in Afghanistan; Chiapas jungle burns
WW4R #77, March 17, 2003: Rachel Corrie: US activist killed in Gaza Strip; Israeli military in Chiapas rainforest?
WW4R #76, March 10, 2003: Israeli chem-war on Bedouin; “Stealth” Colombia aid; NYC: fear on Atlantic Ave.
WW34R #75, March 3, 2003: Deconstructing Israel’s “Apartheid Wall”; 1993 WTC blast retrospective; redevelopment battle for Ground Zero

WW4R #74, Feb. 24, 2003: US troops to fight in Philippines, Colombia? Bangladesh on the brink
WW4R #73, Feb. 18, 2003: Anti-war movement re-emerges; millions march worldwide on Feb. 15
WW4R #72, Feb. 10, 2003: Imperialist carve-up of Iraq planned; Kurds screwed yet again; France next?
WW4R #71, Feb. 3, 2003: Iraqi Kurdistan: staging ground for war; US plans bio-war in Colombia

WW4R #70, Jan. 27, 2003: Election-eve ethnic cleansing on the West Bank; political struggle in Antarctica
WW4R #69, Jan. 20, 2003: Special Report: Land Grabs and Evictions on the West Bank
WW4R #68, Jan. 13, 2003: The case for impeachment; Pentagon mad scientists; Is Saddam the New Churchill?
WW4R #67, Jan. 6, 2003: Is there a draft in your future? Basra gets bombed for New Year’s; Kurdistan: the next Bosnia?

WW4R #66, Dec. 30, 2002: Special Holiday Nuclear Paranoia Issue; Korea back to the brink‚ÄĒIran next?
WW4R #65, Dec. 23, 2002: Sweeps of Muslims in California; secret Iraq arms deals; Enron screws Palestine
WW4R #64, Dec. 16, 2002: Bush on Iraq: Nuke ‘Em!; chemical warfare on West Bank?; guerillas in Mexico
WW4R #63, Dec. 9, 2002: New imperialist carve-up of Middle East planned; Canada: the Forgotten Front
WW4R #62, Dec. 2, 2002: Reservists desert in Israel, US; Enron, Bechtel and Halliburton invade the Andes

WW4R #61, Nov. 25, 2002: Homeland Security Act passes; Poindexter leads Pentagon cyber-snoop agency
WW34R #60, Nov. 18, 2002: State terror in Palestine, Gujarat, Chiapas
WW4R #59, Nov. 11, 2002: UN passes Iraq resolution; Jordan destabilization; Latin America’s “Axis of Evil”
WW4R #58, Nov. 4, 2002: Israel-Lebanon water wars; Afghan opium wars; Persian Gulf oil wars

WW4R #57, Oct. 28, 2002: Sharon prepares ethnic cleansing; Mossad in Kashmir; Wellstone murdered?
WW4R #56, Oct. 21, 2002: Bali blast backlash in Australia; Farouk Abdel-Muhti and the fight for habeas corpus
WW4R #55, Oct. 14, 2002: Al-Qaeda back?‚ÄĒin Yemen, Kuwait and Bali
WW4R #54, Oct. 7, 2002: Olive harvesters attacked in Palestine; EPA snow-job in Colombia coca eradication

WW4R #53, Sept. 30, 2002: Halliburton, Carlyle smell porkfest in Iraq; Israel to step up “black ops”?
WW4R #52, Sept. 23, 2002: US sells out Georgia, Uighurstan to win Russian, Chinese support on Iraq invasion
WW4R #51, Sept. 16, 2002: Saddam’s mistress tells all; updates on Georgia, Philippines, Ground Zero
WW4R #50, Sept. 9, 2002: New York City: One Year Later
WW4R #49, Sept. 1, 2002: US schmoozes Turkmenbashi for pipeline; Fascist legacy behind Gujarat massacre

WW4R #48, Aug. 26, 2002: Ethnic war looms in Iraq; IDF shuts down peaceniks; Russia to re-take Georgia?
WW4R #47, Aug. 18, 2002: Israel prepares for nuke war; White House woos Kurds; al-Qaeda in Oklahoma?
WW4R #46, Aug. 12, 2002: Nuclear strikes on Iraq planned; Russia signs trans-Afghan pipeline deal
WW4R #45, Aug. 5, 2002: Special Hiroshima Day Nuclear Paranoia Issue! Also: New Persian Gulf crisis

WW4R #44, July 28, 2002: Special Issue on the Secret Oil Wars: Burma, Aceh, Xinjiang, Bolivia
WW4R #43, July 21, 2002: Special Issue on Bush, Cheney & Croporate Sleaze
WW4R #42, July 14, 2002: Latin America update; crackdown on Islamic militants in Chiapas
WW4R #41, July 7, 2002: First post-9-11 July 4th: grateful throngs pledge allegiance to police state

WW4R #40, June 30, 2002: Lynne Stewart interview; 4th of July nuclear paranoia report
WW4R #39, June 23, 2002: US plans military action against Iraq, Canada, Netherlands
WW4R #38, June 16, 2002: “Dirty Bomb”? Don’t believe the hype! Also: Victory in Judi Bari case
WW4R #37, June 9, 2002: Special Report continues: The 9-11 Cover-Up and the New Federal Police State
WW4R #36, June 2, 2002: Special Report on the 9-11 Cover-Up

WW4R #35, May 26, 2002: Special Report: Xenophobia & Reaction in Europe
WW4R #34, May 19, 2002: Botched raids in Afghanistan kill more civilians; Cuba new Terror War target?
WW4R #33, May 12, 2002: Special Report: ANWR & the Global Energy Wars
WW4R #32, May 5, 2002: : Special Report: Iraq, the Sanctions & Weapons of Mass Destruction

WW4R #31, April 28, 2002: Special Report on Europe & the Balkans
WW4R #30, April 21, 2002: Special Report: Venezuela & the Global Energy Wars
WW4R #29, April 14, 2002: What heppened in Jenin?; Afghan opium war; activist attorney Lynne Stewart busted
WW4R #28, April 7, 2002: Israel re-occupies West Bank, journalists and activists defy ban to bear witness

WW4R #27, March 31, 2002¬†: Latin America: “Operation Thanatos” in Colombia; Islamic militants in Chiapas?
WW4R #26, March 24, 2002: Special Report: Israeli Espionage in the USA; Also: Philippines’ Insurgency Anatomy
WW4R #25, March 17, 2002¬†: UN endorses Palestine; Israel pulls back in West Bank‚ÄĒworld chilling out?
WW4R #24, March 10, 2002¬†: Special Nuclear Paranoia Issue‚ÄĒIt’s Official: Bush Prepares for N-war!
WW4R #23, March 3, 2002: Conspiracy industry exploits 9-11; “Ministry of Truth” update

WW4R #22, Feb. 24, 2002: Pentagon “Ministry of Truth” unveiled; more hot Enron gossip; anthrax update
WW4R #21, Feb. 17, 2002: Carlyle Group: The “Next Enron”?
WW4R #20, Feb. 9, 2002: Special Report on NYC WEF protests
WW4R #19, Feb. 2, 2002: Special Issue on Enron & Energy

WW4R #18, Jan. 26, 2002: Did Hamid Karzai work for Unocal? Ecological impacts of Afghan bombardment
WW4R #17, Jan. 19, 2002: The New Great Game; US militarizes Kyrgyzstan; Bedouin land struggle in Israel
WW4R #16, Jan. 12, 2002: Bombing continues; Afghan puppet regime approves; US protects terrorists
WW4R #15, Jan. 5, 2002: Special Anthrax Paranoia Issue; more villages wiped out in Afghanistan

WW4R #14, Dec. 29, 2001: New regime welcomes US troops; local warlords wary; global nuclear paranoia
WW4R #13, Dec. 22, 2001: Afghan interim regime inaugurated; US bombs dignitaries? The New Great Game
WW4R #12, Dec. 15, 2001: US bombing casualties equal WTC victims; Bush & bin Laden: All in the Family
WW4R #11, Dec. 8, 2001: Afghan peace deal shaky; Osama and Omar still on the loose; NYC Ground Zero update
WW4R #10, Dec. 1, 2001: Mazar-i-Sharif prison massacre; refugee crisis spirals; Philippine front opens

WW4R #9, Nov. 24, 2001: Imperialist carve-up in Afghanistan; Latin America terror alert update
WW4R #8, Nov. 17, 2001: Taliban collapses; local warlords take control
WW4R #7, Nov. 10, 2001: Starvation in Afghanistan; NYC Ground Zero update
WW4R #6, Nov. 3, 2001: PATRIOT Act sweeps through Congress; Good-bye, Posse Comitatus

WW4R #5, Oct. 27, 2001 : Civilian casualties mount in Afghanistan; famine looms; aid agencies protest
WW4R #4, Oct. 20, 2001¬†: First US casualties in Afghanistan; Is Bush’s war illegal? Baghdad next?
WW4R #3, Oct. 13, 2001: Chevron’s war? First civilian causalites in Afghanistan; Uzbekistan militarized
WW4R #2, Oct. 6, 2001: Who is Osama bin Laden? Taliban, Northern Alliance: “Flip Side of Same Coin”

WW4R #1, Sept. 30, 2001: War on Terror or War for Oil? Terrorism Paranoia in Latin America

Reprinting permissible with attribution.