South Asia

Pakistan: death penalty in slaying of Sufi singer

Pakistan's army high command approved the death penalty for 10 condemned jihadists who were convicted by a military tribunal of attacks that claimed over 60 lives—including the assassination of Amjad Sabri, one of the country's most revered singers of qawwalii, traditional Sufi devotional music. Sabri was on his way to a televised Ramadan performance in Karachi when his car was attacked by gunmen, and his many followers hailed justice in the case. But in the two years since Sabri's death, attacks on Sufis in Pakistan have continued, with suicide blasts and horrific massacres at shrines and mosques. (Photo via PTI)


UN protests sentencing of artists in Iran

UN experts on cultural rights and freedom of expression called for the release of artists, musicians and filmmakers imprisoned in Iran for "insulting Islamic sanctities."

South Asia

Revered Sufi singer assassinated in Pakistan

Thousands of people attended the funeral of slain qawwali singer Amjad Sabri in Karachi, the day after he was shot dead in an attack claimed by the Pakistani Taliban.

The Caribbean

Is Obama really helping Cuban dissidents?

Obama's embrace of Cuban dissidents allows the Castro regime to to more easily paint any push for greater democracy on the island as part of an imperial agenda.


Kurdish diva wages culture war on ISIS

Kurdish-American pop singer Helly Luv is facing death threats from ISIS after travelling to the frontline in northern Iraq to produce a music video cheering on the Peshmerga.


Greece: anti-fascist activist on trial

Anti-fascist militant Savvas Michael-Matsas went on trial in Greece, charged with "libellous defamation" in a case brought by members of the far-right Golden Dawn party.