South Sudan: protests after singer’s death

Juba protest

Juba, the capital of South Sudan, saw street┬áprotests last week after popular singer Trisha “Cee” Cosmas was killed when the┬ábici-taxi she was riding in was struck by a tanker-truck on March 29. Using the usual jaundiced terminology, the local Radio Tamazuj writes that┬áthe “bodaboda [bici-taxi] carrying the musician collided with a truck…” Far more likely that the truck ran down the bodaboda. Indeed, local┬áEye Radio states┬áthat “a water tank lost control and ran over a boda-boda at Mobile Roundabout.”┬áThe Radio Tamazuj account adds: “Trisha’s family, friends, and fans say she died due to reckless driving and poor services at the Juba Teaching Hospital, the country’s main referral hospital where she was left unattended for more than four hours until her death.” Three companions of Trisha Cee were also injured.

At least 22 were arrested in the demonstrations, and the local┬áCommunity Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO) charged that peaceful protesters were being swept up by the police. A demonstration called by the youth group Anataban┬áthe day after the collision decried both lawless motorists on the capital’s streets and the lack of emergency services.

Tanker-trucks delivering water to districts where residents have no indoor plumbing have apparently been involved in several such incidents. Speaking before his arrest, activist Wani Michael told Radio Tamazuj,┬á“The same government that gives foreigners driving licenses, without a street driving test, has failed to provide health services, and many people have died because of water truck accidents.”

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