Podcast: against Chomsky’s genocide complicity


In Episode 120 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg invites the enmity of his comrades on the left with a long-overdue deconstruction of the increasingly sinister, genocide-abetting politics of Noam Chomsky. In relentless sycophantic interviews, Chomsky inevitably opposes a no-fly zone for Ukraine, war crimes charges against Putin, or even sanctions against Russia, on the grounds that such moves would lead to nuclear war. He offers no acknowledgment of how capitulating to Putin’s nuclear threats incentivizes such threats, and the stockpiling of the missiles and warheads to back them up. This is part of a long pattern with Chomsky. He has repeatedly engaged in ugly and baseless “false flag” theorizing about the Syria chemical attacks, leading activists in the Arab world to accuse him of “regime whitewashing.” He similarly abetted Bosnia genocide revisionism and (especially through his collaborations with the late Edward Herman) denial of the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia. All this can be traced to the analytical and ultimately moral and intellectual distortions of the so-called “Chomsky rule“—the notion that we are only allowed to criticize crimes committed by “our” side. An illustrative irony is that Chomsky will cynically exploit the suffering of the Palestinians to distract from and relativize the oppression of Uyghurs in China, yet his stance on Palestine is actually timid and cowardly—clinging to a “two-state solution,” and opposing BDS as a form of pressure on Israel. Listen on SoundCloud or via Patreon.

Production by Chris Rywalt

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  1. Chomsky shills for Trump

    Glenn Greenwald (of course) enthuses on Twitter:

    Is the contradiction becoming blatant enough, fellow progs?

  2. Weinberg rants against Chomsky on Radio Free Humanity

    Radio Free Humanity podcast features co-hosts Brendan Cooney and Andrew Kliman in an interview with Bill Weinberg of CounterVortex, for a wide-ranging critique of Noam Chomsky and his serial betrayals of human rights and popular struggles. They especially note the recent open letter in which Chomsky’s Ukrainian translator Artem Chapeye called him out for abetting Russian propaganda.