CounterVortex meta-podcast: our special offer!


In Episode 84 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg unveils a special offer for new Patreon subscribers. Become a Supporter for two dollars per weekly podcast, and you get to choose a topic for Bill to rant about for an episode. Any conflict anywhere on the planet, any hot political issue, any aspect of Bill’s far-ranging interests and work: human rights, indigenous peoples, drug policy, ecology, pro-autonomy and anti-militarist movements worldwide. Choose a book to review, ask Bill any question about his life, research, activism or analysis. We want to make CounterVortex a more interactive and participatory project, and we need your support to sustain us! Listen on SoundCloud or via Patreon.

Production by Chris Rywalt

We ask listeners to donate just $1 per weekly podcast via Patreon—or $2 for our new special offer! We now have 26 subscribers. If you appreciate our work, please become Number 27!

  1. Welcome to our new Patreon subscriber

    The legendary lefty folksinger Dave Lippman has just become a Tier Two subscriber to Bill Weinberg‘s CounterVortex podcast on Patreon. He writes:

    I’m supporting Bill — he’s a reliable supporter of all honest forces for democracy and slices right through the campism, tankism, and generally cynical lying sacks of zombie ideology prevalent on the alleged Left. Wait, let’s be positive: Support indigenous rights, independent women’s autonomous zones, radical municipalist movements…..!! Go team!
    Subscribe to his rant, I mean podcast.