Protests over fuel price hikes shake Mauritius


The African island nation ofĀ Mauritius exploded into angry protests April 22, with residents of poorĀ Kreol communities erecting roadblocks and fighting the police. The island had seen days of peaceful demonstrations overĀ a sudden and drastic increase of petrol and gas prices, centered on the town of Camp-Levieux. Things turned violent after theĀ arrest of “Darren,” a young protest leader, on charges of “participation inĀ illegal demonstrations.” TheĀ police headquarters where he was being held was besieged, andĀ protests spread quickly to other towns across the island. Police deployed anti-riot units and armored vehicles against youth hurling stones and Molotov cocktails. Things calmed the following dayĀ when Darren was releasedĀ on bail. But it remains to be seen if the increasingly debt-burdened government can strike a deal with the newly mobilized popular movement.Ā (Jurist)

World oil prices have surged to $100 a barrel in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Photo: ZinfosĀ Moris