Podcast: CounterVortex at 20


In Episode 91 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg notes the 20th anniversary of the launch of World War 3 Report, as it was then called—a direct response to 9-11 and Dubya Bush’s declaration of the Global War on Terrorism. In 2005, it was renamed World War 4 Report, on the logic that the Cold War had been World War III, and to emphasize support for the “Fourth World“—land-rooted, stateless, and indigenous peoples. In 2016, the project was transformed into CounterVortex, in light of its expanding mission beyond the original mandate of the GWOT, and to emphasize the need for general resistance to humanity’s downward spiral into ecological collapse and permanent war.

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Production by Chris Rywalt

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  1. CounterVortex endorsement from Peter Gorman

    Award-winning journalist Peter Gorman writes from Texas:

    Thank you for all your work on the CounterVortex every week. If I had money I’d give it to you. I don’t, sorry. But I can say thank you. Your work is clear, informative, and a distillation of dozens of articles for each segment. And you appear to be the only writer spending the time to do it. It is well appreciated.