Greater Middle East

Russian warplane down: heightened contradictions

After Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane over Syria, Vladimir Putin openly accused Ankara of backing ISIS—echoing a charge Kurdish forces have been making for months.

Greater Middle East

Putin pries Western leaders from anti-Assad stance

British Prime Minister David Cameron is now the first Western leader to take Vladimir Putin's bait in agreeing that Bashar Assad can be part of a Syrian "transition government."


ISIS targets Jordan —and vice versa

Militants declared for ISIS in Jordan's restive city of Maan. France has supplied Jordan with new warplanes, and the kingdom is reported to already have troops in Iraq.


Sarajevo at 100: ready for World War 5?

As the 1914 assassination of Archduke Ferdinand is commemorated in a bitterly divided Sarajevo, the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria show grim potential for a new world war.

Greater Middle East

Are you ready for World War 5?

The fearful synergy of regional sectarian war and Great Power rivalries holds the menace of the looming Syria intervention setting off a new global conflagration.