Kurdish-Berber solidarity

Kawa Botani, a Kurdish activist from Duhok, Iraq, joined Amazigh (Berber) protests in Morocco in January, demanding cultural and civil rights. United by a common struggle against both political Islam and "Arabization," the Berbers of Algeria, Morocco and Libya are increasingly… Read moreKurdish-Berber solidarity


In Algeria, Arab-Berber Conflict Recalls Plight of Kurds

by Harvey Morris, Rudaw

The results of Algeria's choreographed elections were announced April 19, with the re-election of long-ruling Abdelaziz Bouteflika a foregone conclusion. The opposition, including a Berber "provisional government" that has been declared in the Kabylia region of the country's east, boycotted the poll. This piece ran before the elections on the Kurdish news site Rudaw. World War 4 Report

LONDON — It is gearing up to be an abrasive election campaign in Algeria, where pre-poll tensions have already flared into inter-communal violence involving Arabs and Berbers, whose history of persecution and cultural marginalization recalls that of the Kurds. Thousands of police were this week deployed in the city of Ghardaia, 350 miles south of Algiers, after the latest in a series of clashes between Arab and Berber youths left three dead, 200 injured and shops burned and destroyed.