North Africa

Reparations for destroyed Timbuktu shrines

The International Criminal Court found that a former Malian jihadist militant is liable for 2.7 million euros in reparations for overseeing the destruction of Muslim shrines in Timbuktu. In its order, the ICC stressed the importance of cultural heritage, calling the destruction of the shrines "an irreplaceable loss that negates humanity."

The Andes

Peru: Cuzco unrest over airport plan

Protesters blocked the train line to the Inca archaeological site of Machu Picchu, stranding thousands of tourists during a 48-hour paro (civil strike) by residents of Peru's Cuzco region. British-owned PeruRail company said service was being suspended because of the blockades. At issue is a planned new airport for the Cuzco area, that was suspended in March due to controversies surrounding the construction contract.


Who destroyed Mosul’s al-Nuri mosque?

ISIS and the United States exchanged accusations over destruction of Mosul's historic Grand al-Nuri Mosque—another blow to the city's heritage, coming during the holiest days of Ramadan.


UNESCO nomenclature wars in Jerusalem

The UNESCO resolution against Israel's political archaeology at the Temple Mount counter-productively refered to the site only by its Islamic name, the Ḥaram al-Sharif.

Greater Middle East

Syria: world betrays Aleppo (of course)

As Assad regime and Russian air-strikes continue on the beseiged populace of Aleppo, media in the West increasingly echo regime propaganda of justified "counter-attacks."

Greater Middle East

Palmyra: not a ‘liberation’

The taking of Palmyra from ISIS by Assad regime forces backed by Russian air-strikes means the city's transfer from one genocidal entity to another, say activists on the ground.

North Africa

ICC hears first case on cultural crimes

The International Criminal Court opened its case against captured militant Ahmad al-Mahdi for destruction of religious and cultural heritage during the jihadist occupation of Timbuktu.

Central America

Setbacks for Nicaragua canal project

Financial woes for the Hong Kong-based developer and an unfavorable World Court ruling in a border dispute with Costa Rica have slowed Nicaragua's inter-oceanic canal project.

North Africa

US Special Forces repulsed in Libya: report

Libya's rival regimes agreed to form a national unity government, but a contingent of US Special Forces sent to fight ISIS withdrew after being confronted by a local militia.