Malaysia rainforest at issue in fight over historic monastery

Dhamma Sakyamuni

A Buddhist monastery carved out of a cave complex in the rainforest ofĀ Malaysia stands to be evicted after losing a legal appeal in its case against aĀ cement manufacturer that seeks to demolish it to mine limestoneĀ Sept. 8. TheĀ Court of AppealĀ ruled forĀ Associated Pan Malaysia CementĀ in the case brought by the century-oldĀ Dhamma Sakyamuni Caves Monastery, finding that the company has the right to evict “squatters” from the tract at issue on a limestone massif known asĀ Gunung Kanthanā€”despite the fact that it lies within theĀ Kinta Valley National Geopark. The forested massif is home to several endangered species of both flora and fauna, and most of it has already been cleared for quarries. After the appeals court ruling, the Perak state government formed a special committee to mediate in the conflict. The Dhamma Sakyamuni monks pledge they will resist eviction. (The Star, New Straits Times, NST,Ā Free Malaysia Today)

Photo viaĀ Free Malaysia Today