Greater Middle East

Jordan: rights groups condemn mass execution

In response to the mass execution of 15 prisoners in Jordan, human rights groups condemned the hangings as secretive and conducted "without transparency."

North America

Human Rights Watch: Trump portends ‘tyranny’

In its yearly report, Human Rights Watch warns that the rise of populist leaders "poses a dangerous threat to basic rights"—particularly naming Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.


Iraq: US ground troops battle ISIS

US ground troops fought their first direct battle against ISIS as the jihadists launched an attack on a base in Anbar that housed mixed US, Iraqi and tribal forces.


Israel pipeline spill affects Jordan too

Over 80 people were treated for respiratory problems on both sides of the Israel-Jordan border following a massive oil spill from the Trans-Israel Pipeline.


ISIS targets Jordan —and vice versa

Militants declared for ISIS in Jordan's restive city of Maan. France has supplied Jordan with new warplanes, and the kingdom is reported to already have troops in Iraq.


First US air-strikes on ISIS targets in Syria

Warplanes flying from the USS George HW Bush carried out the first US air-strikes against ISIS targets in Syria, with planes from five Arab countries also participating in the raids.


Obama sees long war against ISIS

The Obama administration is preparing to carry out a campaign against ISIS that may take three years to complete, involving a coalition of some 40 countries.