Podcast: Julian Assange, agent of fascism

belarus cops

In Episode 31 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill WeinbergĀ documents the ugly far-right politics of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, and how the 2010 document dumpĀ risked the lives of dissidents under authoritarian regimesĀ in places like Zimbabweā€”and may have constituted outright collaboration with the repressive dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. An objective reading of the circumstances around the 2016 Wikileaks dump of Democratic Party e-mails reveals Assange as a Kremlin asset andĀ Trump collaborator, anĀ active agentĀ in a Russian-lubricated effort to throw the US electionsā€”part of Putin’s grander design to impose a fascist world order. Weinberg also notes that theĀ ACLU and Committee to Protect Journalists have issued statements warning that theĀ charges against AssangeĀ may pose a threat to press freedom. But he argues thatĀ even if we must protest his prosecution, we should doĀ so while refraining from glorifying Assangeā€”and, indeed, while forthrightly repudiating him as a dangerous political enemy of all progressive values.Ā Listen on SoundCloud, and support our podcast via Patreon.

Production by Chris Rywalt

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