Assad regime faces Druze resistance in Syria’s south


The Assad regime is facing a challenge to its authority in southern Syria, with Druze groups in Suwayda province seizing control of the headquarters of a pro-regime militia on July 27. The Druze Men of Dignity overran the local headquarters of the Dawn Forces, affiliated with regime military intelligence, in the town of Ateel. At least 21 were reported killed n the clash—17 Dawn militiamen and four Druze, including a sheikh. Druze groups accuse the Dawn Forces of kidnappings and assassinations throughout the province. Tensions escalated in the days leading up to the Ateel clash, when Dawn militiamen abducted a local man from Shahba city, accusing him of attempts on the life of their leader Raji Falhout. The rival militias blocked roads to each others’ strongholds, and both sides took hostages. Four regime officers, including two colonels, were reportedly seized by the Men of Dignity. (EA Worldview)

Over the past year, there have been mounting signs of renewed armed struggle within regime-controlled Syria.

Photo: EA Worldview

  1. Syria: uprising in southern city of Sweida

    A protester and a police officer a reported killed during angry demonstrations in the southern Syrian city of Sweida (Suwayda). Crowds enraged over worsening economic conditions stormed the governor’s office, demanding the ouster of Bashar Assad. According to witnesses, the protesters set fire to the building amid exchanges of gunfire in the Druze-majority city. (BBC News)


  2. Syria: more anti-regime protests in Suwayda

    Hundreds of Syrians in the mainly Druze city of Sweida (Suwayda) took to the streets for a fifth consecutive day Aug. 24, protesting at worsening economic conditions and demanding the departure of President Bashar al Assad. (Reuters)