Druze militia targeted by both Assad and ISIS


During the wave of coordindated ISIS attacks that left 250 dead in Syria's regime-held southern governorate of Suweida, the militants went door-to-door in Druze villages, abducting some 35 women and children. The militants are believed to have escaped with them into their remaining strongholds in Syria's eastern desert. The attack wave followed visits by Russian military delegations to Suweida, during which Druze elders were urged to cooperate in disarming the populace. This was apparently aimed at suppressing the Rijal al-Karama (Men of Dignity), a Druze self-defense militia that had emerged over the past years of violence in Syria. The ISIS assault came immediately after regime weapons seizures in Druze villages, leading to theories of regime complicity in the attacks.

Photo of Rijal al-Karama militiamen via Enab Baladi

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