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We at CounterVortex understand that we have a niche audience. Our ultra-dissident perspective as well as the fact the we cover “obscure” wars, conflicts and social struggles outside the media spotlight, means that we will never have a mass readership that can raise thousands of dollars (as do our frankly rival websites that successfully play to the crowd). We accept this, and indeed wear it as a badge of pride. But we need to know that we have, at least, a small and dedicated readership that can raise hundreds of dollars once a year. Our modest goal for our year-end fund-drive is just $500—less than half of our annual operating costs (web-hosting, domain registration, site maintenance & development, etc). With multiple crises now converging—preparations for a domestic coup d’etat, war moves against Iran, the political weaponizing of a pandemic—the world situation is actually far more desperate now than when we first launched our website, long ago, in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. We are convinced that our voice, marginal as it may be, is at this moment more imperative than ever. We need your support. Please come through for us.

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