WW4 REPORT sells out!

Yeah, it makes us feel dirty, but we really didn’t have any choice. WW4 Report is now carrying Google Ads. We had a hard time imagining what kinds of ads would be directed to our site by Google’s mysterious algorithm—”Meet Chechen Singles”? “Learn Uzbek as a Second Language”? “Vacation Packages in Chiapas”? Instead the first ones that popped up had titles like “Stressed? Find Relief in Minutes”, “How to Manage Your Stress” and “Stop Panic Attacks Before They Begin!”—which made us wonder if the algorithm didn’t have psychic abilities and was somehow scanning the brainwaves of our chief blogger. Then we got a wave of do-gooder peacenik stuff—ads for peace-sign car magnets and the like—which was a little touchy-feely, but we figured we could live with. Then came a wave of policy-wonk type stuff—including an ad for Foreign Affairs, publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, notorious pillar of the permanent shadow government. Uh-oh. Then it got worse. Some outfit selling pro-war paraphernalia—yellow-ribbon car magnets and the like! “Find Your Career in Homeland Security”! A recuriting ad for Army Special Forces!

Now, as far as we are concerned, it’s all just information. We actually find it interesting to click on the link and find out what kind of line Uncle Sam is pitching to prospective cannon fodder. And we assume that anyone who might actually be considering a career in killing Arabs for the greater glory of multinational oil companies will be disabused of his or her illusions by reading our blog. But it still makes us feel dirty. We had hoped we could survive entirely on reader support, and this is our first step away from this idealistic ethic.

So, in our democratic spirit, we urge you, Dear Reader, to let us know what you think. Are there any ads you find unacceptably offensive? Do you think this move compromises our journalistic independence? Do you think we should just grow up and get over our puritanism? Please post below with your feedback.

And of course those of you who think that we shouldn’t take any ads are more than invited to make a big, fat, ultra-generous donation so we won’t have to! Use the PayPal link, or send checks to:

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Thank you!