North America

Another day, another massacre…

Was the San Bernardino attack politically motivated terrorism or just someone's personal revenge? Either way, pundits right and left are going to be squirming…


Burkina Faso: counter-revolution collapses

Burkina Faso's interim President Michel Kafando was formally reinstated after coup leaders capitulated in the face of popular pressure and mediation by regional leaders.

The Andes

Peru: naked protesters storm congress

National Police troops used tear-gas and armored vehicles against hundreds of partially naked marchers for abortion rights who attempted to storm Peru's Congress building.

Greater Middle East

Egypt: first FGM trial ends in acquittals

Two men in Egypt were acquitted on charges relating to female genital mutilation, in the only case brought to trial since the law banning FGM was toughened in 2008.

The Caribbean

Haiti: women protest 1835 abortion law

Nearly a fifth of Haiti's maternal deaths follow clandestine abortions, but the government still hasn't released a May 2013 document recommending repeal of the abortion law.

Greater Middle East

Next: Turkish spring?

Istanbul police raided a protest camp in Taksim Gezi Park, slated to be bulldozed for a new shopping mall. Demonstrations continue, and have spread to Ankara.

East Asia

China: Amnesty protests forced evictions

Violent forced evictions in China are on the rise as local authorities seek to offset debts by seizing and selling off land in suspect deals with developers, Amnesty International charges.