Chomsky & the Orwellian manipulation of Orwell


In Episode 124 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill WeinbergĀ continues hisĀ deconstruction of the increasingly sinister, fascist-abetting politics of Noam Chomsky.Ā In the latest in the endless litany of sycophantic interviews with Chomsky, this time from an outfit calledĀ EduKitchen, this supposed icon of the left actually praises Donald Trump for advocating appeasement of Putin in Ukraineā€”for which he was favorably tweeted by the inevitable Glenn Greenwald. Most perversely, the interview is entitled “Noam Chomsky on the Russia-Ukraine war, The Media, Propaganda, Orwell, Newspeak and Language.” Yet Chomsky is advocating positions that are utterly inimical to everything Orwell ever stood for. This constitutes an Orwellian exploitation of Orwell, mirroring Putin’s fascist pseudo-anti-fascism, and theĀ pseudo-pacifist war propaganda of his Western enablers.

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George Orwell essays discussed: The Freedom of the Press, written in 1944 but posthumously published in 1972;Ā Notes on Nationalism, 1945

Production by Chris Rywalt

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Photo collage with image from the 1984 movieĀ 1984. Big Brother’s face is replaced by Chomsky’s, mimicking his sycophantic treatment in the 1992 move Manufacturing Consent. Fair use rights asserted.

  1. Erratum re. Ukrainian status vis-a-vis NATO

    As the cited White House and NATO pages make clear, Ukraine’sĀ status vis-a-vis the alliance is as an “Enhanced Opportunities Partner.” This construction is rendered correctly on the first reference, but slightly garbled on the two subsequent references.