Alexandros Grigoropoulos: Presente!


A youth uprising rocked Greece for a second day Dec. 7, with thousands battling police in Athens and Thessaloniki, despite the arrest of two officers over the killing of a 15-year-old boy. Protests erupted after Alexandros Grigoropoulos was shot in Athens’ left-wing enclave of Exarchia after the boy had allegedly tried to throw a firebomb at a patrol car.

Photo: Nodo50

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    1. The boy shouldn’t have thrown anything!
      The boy shouldn’t have been throwing anything to give the police reason to deter him. The police wasn’t trying to kill the kid. He was only trying to do was deter the kid from doing what he shouldn’t have been doing in the first place, when the bullet ricochet and hit him. It’s easy for us to judge, but what if you were the police officer? Don’t answer, just think about it.

      1. Sorry, I’m answering
        “Deter” him by shooting? So what if it was a ricochet? If true, that just indicates the danger of “warning shots” (or that the cop missed!). What are you apologizing for?

        1. give me a break already
          Yeah sorry for the kid being shot. But They say he was a non trouble maker and quiet. Don’t seem like it to me if he is whippin bottles at cop cars. Its a shame but he put himself in that position. What if he were home? Cops over exagerated YES. But once again the kid put himself in that position!!!!!

          1. People don’t get shot for
            People don’t get shot for “no reason.” People don’t get arrested for murder if they didn’t do anything. I’ve never got shot at by a cop and it isn’t because I don’t live in Athens. It’s because I’m not throwing stuff at cop cars.

      2. what?
        i can’t believe that a person may think like this….!whatever he might have done, a policeman can’t shoot him…he only has to use his gun in an emergency situation,for example if the kid had a gun and was dangerous…and in that situation he should be carefull not to kill hthe kid…i mean for the love of god he was only 15years old…15!!!!and to speak the truth the kid hadn’t thrown any bottle to the policemen….it was another group of kids who did that!!!it wasm’t alex!!!!he was just at the wrong place,the wrong time!!!!i’m from greece and i know.NO KID DESERVES TO DIE!and you don’t have to justify dhe policeman,because he had an order not to go to that place,and not get out of the patrol car!!!but he went there because he wanted to show that he had power.why?because he was a policeman and he had a gun?
        he took a life away…he killed an angel!!an angel in earth,which is now an angel in the sky!!!!
        so think about it again!!!