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Egypt: ISIS claims deadly Sinai attacks

ISIS-affiliated militants launched near-simultaneous raids on military checkpoints in the north of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, with at least 100 killed in the resultant clashes.

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ISIS insurgency escalates in Sinai Peninsula

Several were killed and a mosque reportedly destroyed as Egyptian security forces battled militants of the ISIS-aligned Ansar Bait al-Maqdis in the Sinai Peninsula.


ISIS franchise: Nigeria to Yemen to Pakistan

Over the past two months, the ISIS international franchise has made gains from West Africa to the Indian subcontinent, with militants in several countries proclaiming for the "caliphate."


Egypt: court bans Hamas armed group

A Cairo appeals court banned the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, armed wing of Hamas, and declared it a terrorist group with links to the Sinai insurgency.


Bedouin under attack from Sinai to Hebron

The Egyptian army is destroying hundreds of Bedouin homes along the Gaza border to create a "security zone," while the Israeli army razed more Bedouin homes on the West Bank.


Gaza: a war for oil?

Development of the Gaza Marine 1 and 2 offshore blocs has been held up by conflict over the Strip and its waters. Is "Protective Edge" aimed at securing them under Israeli control?


ISIS behind West Bank abductions?

Hebron and the West Bank are heavily militarized as Israeli troops hunt for three youths whose abductions have now been claimed (somewhat dubiously) in the name of ISIS.

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Egypt: jihad against feloul?

With Field Marshal al-Sisi consolidating his rule in alliance with Mubarak-era "left-overs," a Qaedist insurgency is rapidly spreading from the Sinai to the rest of Egypt.

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Sinai car bomb kills 12 Egyptian soldiers

At least 12 Egyptian soldiers were killed in a car bomb near El-Arish—the latest attack in the Sinai, which is now more militarized than at any time since the Israeli occupation ended.

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Egypt: clashes in Cairo, insurgency in Sinai

While the new deadly street clashes in Cairo made international news, near-daily insurgent attacks on Eyptian security forces in the Sinai Peninsula continue with little notice.