Clashes in Egypt’s Sinai; militants attack Israel

Two attacks in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula killed at least 30 troops Oct. 24. At least 27 people died in the first attack, a car-bomb blast at a checkpoint in the al-Kharouba area northwest of al-Arish, near the border with the Gaza Strip. Hours later, a gun-battle then broke out in al-Arish town, leaving another three dead. (Reuters, BBC News, Oct. 24) One day earlier, attackers inside Egypt fired an anti-tank missile and automatic rifles at a military vehicle in Israel, wounding two soldiers. The Israeli military has asked residents in the area to remain in their homes while an investigation is underway, and suggested the skirmish came as troops foiled a "violent drug smuggling attempt." (Al Jazeera, Oct. 23)

  1. Egypt to relocate Sinai Bedouin?

    Egypt is considering expanding the jurisdiction of military courts and displacing thousands of residents to enlarge a military buffer zone near the border with the Gaza Strip following the attacks on security forces in the area. Egypt's council of ministers has proposed a measure, now awaiting President al-Sissi's approva. Sissi said in a televised address that Egypt was facing "an existential battle" from the Islamist insurgency. (Reuters, Oct. 26)

  2. Egypt: four dead in Salafist street mobilization

    At least four protesters were killed and scores of others injured in the Egyptian capital as thousands took to the streets of Cairo against the government of President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, answering to a call by the opposition Salafist Front. The protesters were killed after security forces opened fire in the district of Matrya in eastern Cairo. On its Facebook page, the Salafist Front has called for a "Muslim Youth Uprising" to "topple military rule in Egypt," urging followers to "raise your Quran." The protests are the first attempt in months to hold large demonstrations in the country. More than a 100 people were arrested ahead of the Salafist mobilization. (Al Jazeera, Nov. 28)