Central America

Panama ups ante in Nicaragua canal race

The current expansion of the Panama Canal will accommodate 90% of the world's 370-vessel liquified natural gas fleet—a new bid to undermine Nicaragua's canal plans.

Watching the Shadows

Wanted by Italy, ex-CIA agent is released to US

Panama detained but quickly released an ex-CIA agent wanted for kidnapping in Italy. Cuban sources link him to the Contragate scandal; since 2005 he's been living in Honduras.

Central America

Panama: campesinos demonstrate against dams

Campesinos are protesting three dams planned for the area where they live; meanwhile, the indigenous Ngöbe Buglé are still fighting a dam being built in their territory.

Central America

Panama: Ngöbe-Buglé renew anti-dam protests

Indigenous Ngöbe-Buglé activists continue to protest hydroelectric projects they say threaten their way of life in their own territory, despite previous pacts with the government.

Central America

Panama Canal expansion fuels inter-oceanic race

With Chinese investment, Nicaragua is moving ahead with a new inter-oceanic canal plan—in a race with Panama, which is expanding its own canal for a new era of global trade.

Central America

Honduras: deadly DEA raid —again

A suspected drug trafficker was killed in the first DEA-backed drug raid in Honduras following a five-month suspension in radar intelligence sharing between the countries.

Central America

Panama: strikes halt trade zone land sale

Days of strikes and protests in Panama’s cities forced the government to cancel a planned sale of lands in the ColĂłn Free Trade Zone to multinational corporations.