The Caribbean

Haiti: UN admits role in cholera epidemic

A spokesperson for the United Nations made the organization’s first-ever acknowledgment of responsibility for a cholera epidemic that has wracked Haiti since October 2010.

The Caribbean

Dominican Republic: was Haitian man lynched?

Police suggest a Haitian immigrant was killed to keep him from giving evidence on another murder, but the crime looked a lot like a racist lynching from the Jim Crow era.

Southern Cone

Chile: Mapuche continue drive for land

After two decades of struggle Mapuche communities are still trying to regain ancestral land. Meanwhile, forestry companies try to blame major fires on Mapuche activists.


Mexico: official Ayotzinapa claims disputed

The Mexican government claims the case of the missing 43 students is solved, but outside forensic experts say problems with the inquiry make it impossible to be sure.

The Caribbean

Haiti: union and maquilas negotiate on pay

Union organizers say three apparel companies have finally agreed to pay the legal minimum wage and even to provide some of the retroactive pay owed to workers.

Central America

Panama: Ngöbe-Buglé set deadline to stop dam

Indigenous leaders give the government until Feb. 15 to cancel a dam they've protested for years. Meanwhile, a former president who promoted the dam has fled the country.