The Amazon

Brazil Olympics amid invisible terror

More than 20 land rights activists have been killed in Brazil this year, with most deaths linked to conflicts over logging and agribusiness—ongoing terror amid the Olympics spectacle.

The Amazon

Brazil: Guarani leader slain by gunmen

A Guarani-Kaiowa indigenous leader was shot dead in Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul state, one week after his community occupied part of their ancestral lands usurped by ranchers.

The Amazon

Bolivia: police attack indigenous roadblocks

Bolivian National Police used batons and tear-gas to break up a road blockade launched by Guaraní indigenous residents to protest gas exploitation on their traditional lands.

Southern Cone

Brazil: strikes and protests greet World Cup

"There won't be a Cup; there'll be a strike," school teachers said in Rio, joining tens of thousands protesting government policies as the soccer championship opens.

The Amazon

Brazil: indigenous people occupy Congress

Some 700 indigenous representatives occupied Brazil’s lower-house Chamber of Deupites in a final effort to stop attempts to change the law concerning their territorial rights.