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Paraguay violates indigenous rights: UN committee

Paraguay’s failure to prevent toxic contamination of indigenous peoples’ traditional lands by commercial farming violates their rights and sense of “home,” the UN Human Rights Committee found in a landmark ruling. The Committee, made up of independent experts from across the world, monitors countries’ adherence to the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights. The decision on Paraguay marks the first time it has affirmed that for indigenous peoples, “home” must be understood in the context of their special relationship with their territories, including livestock, crops and way of life. (Photo: WHO via UN News)

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Amazon deaths

COVID-19: Amazon indigenous groups fear the worst

Indigenous leaders are warning that a combination of neglect, inadequate preparations, and a lack of lockdown measures is exposing remote and vulnerable communities in the Amazon to potentially devastating outbreaks of COVID-19. The major Amazon River ports of Manaus and Iquitos are among the hardest hit cities in South America, and deaths are already reported from indigenous communities deep in the rainforest, where health services are virtually non-existent. Communities already threatened by wildfires and illegal logging could be pushed to the brink in the coming months. (Photo: InfoRegión)

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Brazil Olympics amid invisible terror

More than 20 land rights activists have been killed in Brazil this year, with most deaths linked to conflicts over logging and agribusiness—ongoing terror amid the Olympics spectacle.

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Brazil: Guarani leader slain by gunmen

A Guarani-Kaiowa indigenous leader was shot dead in Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul state, one week after his community occupied part of their ancestral lands usurped by ranchers.

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Bolivia: police attack indigenous roadblocks

Bolivian National Police used batons and tear-gas to break up a road blockade launched by Guaraní indigenous residents to protest gas exploitation on their traditional lands.

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Brazil: strikes and protests greet World Cup

"There won't be a Cup; there'll be a strike," school teachers said in Rio, joining tens of thousands protesting government policies as the soccer championship opens.