Security forces fire on Baghdad protesters

Security forces opened fire on protesters in central Baghdad on Oct. 1, with some witnesses reporting more than 10 killed and over 250 wounded. Hundreds had gathered at the city's Tahrir Square to protest lack of services, rampant corruption, and high unemployment. Several Iraqi provinces have seen mass protests in response to online campaigns to express anger over the deteriorating situation in the country, despite the defeat of ISIS. At least three protesters and one police officer were also killed in Iraq's southern city of Nasiriya. (IraqNews, IraqNewsThe Independent, Al Jazeera)

Iraq protests escalate

At least seven were killed and dozens wounded in clashes that spread across several Iraqi provinces Oct. 3, as security forces fired live rounds and tear-gas for a second day to disperse anti-government protesters. (AP)

Iraq protests continue to escalate

The death toll in anti-government protests that have swept Iraq the past four days has soared to at least 60, security and medical sources say. The figure has more than doubled in the past 24 hours, as clashes between protesters and police intensified. The military said "unidentified snipers" killed four people in Baghdad, including two police officers. Protesters have now taken up the Arab Revolution slogan, calling for the "fall of the regime." (BBC News, IraqNews)

Death toll in Iraq unrest tops 100

Iraqi authorities say at least seven more were killed in clashes between protesters and police in Baghdad Oct. 6, bringing the death toll from nearly a week of anti-government rallies throughout Iraq to more than 100 with thousands of others injured. (NPR)

Iran-backed militia fires on Iraqi protesters

At least 40 protesters were killed in Iraq on Oct. 25 when security forces used tear-gas and an Iranian-backed militia opened fire to try to quell renewed demonstrations. At least six protesters were killed when the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia opened fire on protesters who tried to set fire to the group's office in the city of Nasiriya. (Radio Farda, The New Arab)

The Asaib Ahl al-Haq is one of several paramilitary militias now operating in collaboration with Iraq's government.