Taiwan solidarity with Hong Kong —and BLM


At a rally at Taipei’s Liberty Square marking the one-year anniversary of the start of the Hong Kong protest movement June 13, demonstrators held banners that read: “Taiwan and Hong Kong are partners together, the struggle remains unfinished,” and “Against the expansion of Chinese imperialism.” (Taipei Times) Earlier that day, demonstrators gathered in Taipei’s 228 Memorial Park for a show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States. Some speakers drew parallels between the contemporary police brutality in the US and the repression of dissidents during the White Terror of Taiwan’s authoritarian past.

There was also some controversy. A statement released before the BLM solidarity rally by Black Lives Matter Taiwan protested that no migrant workers had been invited to speak at the event—despite the presence of many foreign ex-pats. (New Bloom)

While some Hong Kong protesters have expressed support for the BLM movement, others have waved the American flag at their demonstrations and generally looked to the US government for support. A BLM solidarity demonstration in Hong Kong, scheduled for June 7, was cancelled at the last minute due to tensions both with the authorities and leaders of the protest movement. Despite the cancellation, a handful of people marched to the US consulate for a brief rally. (Hong Kong Coconuts)

Photo: CNA