Podcast: for pragmatic anarchism


In Episode 93 of the CounterVortex podcast, Bill Weinberg responds to the request from Patreon subscriber and legendary folksinger Dave Lippman to discuss the contemporary significance of anarchism. Weinberg cites recentĀ examplesĀ of an “anarcho-pragmatism” that aspires toĀ libertarian socialismĀ but also works toward concrete victories in the here-and-now: theĀ ZapatistasĀ in Mexico,Ā piqueterosĀ in Argentina, theĀ Rojava KurdsĀ and other liberatory elements of the Syrian Revolution, andĀ Occupy Wall Street in New York. Since last year’s Black Lives Matter uprising, anarchist ideas have started to enter mainstream discourseā€”such as calls forĀ “decarceration” and toĀ abolish the police. Weinberg also makes note of pointed criticisms ofĀ some contemporary anarchist thought from theĀ Marxist-Humanists.

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Production by Chris Rywalt

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Image:Ā Nicolas Raymond via Flickr