Massacre at Hazara ceremony in Kabul

Hazara ceremony

Gunmen stormed a memorial ceremony honoring a martyred leader of the Hazara Shi’ite minority in Afghanistan’s capital March 6. Key politicians including chief executive  Abdullah Abdullah were on hand for the commemoration of the Hazara Mujahedeen commander Abdul Ali Mazari, who was assassinated by the Taliban in 1995. At least 27 people were killed in the attack, and some 30 more wounded. Soon after the massacre, the Taliban issued a statement denying responsibility. Shortly after that, the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP) claimed the attack in a communique, and also asserted that the actual death toll was 150. An ISIS-claimed attack on the same ceremony last year saw a barrage of mortar fire that killed at least 11 people. The new attack comes just as a tentative “peace deal” with the Taliban is raising concerns for the fate of Afghanistan’s ethnic and religious minorities. (Khaama Press, Defense Post, NYT, The Fortress)

Photo of ceremony just before attack via Khaama Press

  1. Massacre at Sikh temple in Kabul

    At least 25 people were killed and around 10 injured when suicide attackers stormed a Sikh place of worship in the Afghan capital, triggering a six-hour standoff with security forces. The attackers targeted a dharamshala in Shor Bazar area of Kabul, which has a sizeable population of the Hindu and Sikh minorities. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State. (Hindustan Times)

  2. Bomb attack on funeral for slain Sikhs in Kabul

    An explosion disrupted the funeral services for 25 members of Afghanistan’s Sikh community who were killed earlier this week in an attack by ISIS militants on their temple. The interior ministry said that no one was hurt when the device detonated near the crematorium where the ceremonies were taking place. (NewEurope)