Ethiopia: food aid to Tigray plundered


The World Food Program has suspended aid deliveries “until further notice” to Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region following the discovery of the large-scale theft of relief food and its sale on local markets. USAID has also paused its funding of food assistance over the same issue. The concern over missing food—enough to feed 100,000 people—has centered on a warehouse in the Tigray city of Sheraro. Tigray’s new regional interim president, Getachew Reda, said he had discussed the “growing challenge” of aid diversion with the WFP last month. According to USAID, “parties on both sides” of the two-year civil war have colluded to steal food through a “criminal network” established in the wake of last November’s ceasefire. The agency said both the federal government and Tigray’s interim administration have agreed to identify and hold accountable those responsible. Tigray is still facing “severe” food insecurity, despite improved humanitarian access.

From The New Humanitarian, May 5.

Map via EthioVisit

  1. Ethiopia: starvation in Tigray since aid cut-off

    At least 1,400 people have died from starvation in northern Tigray since food aid was suspended five months ago by the World Food Program and USAID following the discovery of large-scale food thefts, a regional official has said. The freeze on food deliveries is countrywide, affecting 20 million people. (TNH)