Southeast Asia

Burma: thousands displaced as junta bombs villages

More than 3,000 villagers from Burma’s Karen state have fled their homes following a series of air-strikes by the military on territory controlled by the Karen National Union (KNU). Many fled to the Ei Tu Hta camp, which already holds some 2,400 internally displaced persons. Other fled across the Salween River, which separates Burma and Thailand. The air-strikes, centered on Kho Kay village, came after KNU fighters overran the military’s Thee Mu Hta base, capturing at least eight soldiers. (Photo: Myanmar Now)

Southeast Asia
Bangkok protest

Thailand authorities arrest pro-democracy activists

Thai authorities arrested six activists involved in ths month’s pro-democracy demonstrations in Bangkok. Anti-government rallies by students have been occurring on a daily basis for over a month, demanding constitutional reform, curbing the power of the king, and an end to the intimidation of dissidents. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said the protests have gone “too far” and urged demonstrators “not to create chaos.” Speaking against the monarchy carries a 15-year prison term in Thailand. Demonstrators have been asserting that democracy is “impossible” without limiting the monarchy’s constitutional role. (Photo of student protest at Bangkok’s Democracy Monument via Wikipedia)

Southeast Asia

Uighur militants named in Bangkok blast

Thailand's national police say that last month's deadly Erawan Shrine attack was carried out by Uighur militants angered over Bangkok's deportation of Uighur refugees back to China.

Southeast Asia

Bangkok blast as southern insurgency simmers

Thai authorities have been slow to name suspects in the deadly Erawan Shrine blast, hoping to bring Muslims insurgents in the country's south back to the negotiating table.

Central Asia

Thailand deports over 100 Uighurs to China

Protesters attacked the Thai consulate in Istanbul as Bangkok deported 109 Uighurs back to China despite international warnings that they could face persecution and torture.

Southeast Asia

Thailand: editor sentenced for defaming king

A military court in Thailand sentenced web editor Nut Rungwong to four-and-a-half years in prison—the latest journalist convicted of defaming the nation's king.

Southeast Asia

Worldwide despots: Orwell still dangerous

Protesters in military-ruled Thailand have been silently reading 1984 in public to outwit a ban on gatherings—leading to the book itself being banned. Egypt could be next.


China factor in the fight against ISIS

China's participation in the Paris summit on building an international effort against ISIS comes as Uighur militants were detained on suspicion of recruiting for the "Islamic State."