Yemen peace talks point to long road ahead


A first round of official peace talks between Saudi Arabia and the Houthi rebels concluded April 14 in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, followed by the (long-delayed, and painstakingly negotiated) release of 880 prisoners from both sides of the country’s eight-year war. It’s not the first time that Saudi Arabia, which leads a coalition backing Yemen’s internationally recognized government, has spoken directly with the rebels. But some see new momentum in this effort to end the war, particularly given the recent rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which has close ties to the Houthis. Still, getting a truce back in place (the last oneexpired in October) and sorting out the various sides’ grievances will not be easy—especially as not all the groups vying for power in Yemen are represented at the talks: The government is notably absent, as are the powerful separatists of the Southern Transitional Council.

From The New Humanitarian, April 14

Map: Perry-Castañeda Library