Yemen: mass displacement in battle for Marib


Yemen’s Houthi rebels have launched an offensive on the centralĀ province and city of Marib, where fierce fighting hasĀ forcedĀ hundreds to flee their homes. Some newly displaced people have reportedly been unable to reach camps, and are taking shelter under trees. Marib provinceĀ has already swelled by some 2 million over the past years, as those displaced from elsewhere in Yemen have taken refuge there. On Oct. 3, the Houthis came under harsh criticism from international rights groups afterĀ Ā three missilesĀ struck a house in the provincial capital, killing three children and injuring some 30 people. TheĀ house was in al-Rawada neighborhood, which hostsĀ thousands of internally displaced people. Marib is a hub of Yemen’s oil industry, and its fall could prove a turning point in the seven-year civil war. (ReliefWeb, AFP, TNH, Arab News,Ā The National, UAE)

Map via Ā Perry-CastaƱeda Library

  1. UN tightens sanctions on Houthis

    The UN Security Council announced new sanctions on Nov. 9 against three Houthi leaders for threatening the peace, security and stability of Yemen. The sanctions subject them to a global asset freeze, a travel ban and an arms embargo.

    The three leaders sanctioned are Yusuf al-Madani, Saleh Mesfer Saleh al-Shaer, and Muhammad Abd al-Karim al-Ghamari. The leaders are accused of coordinating attacks that impact civilians and civilian infrastructure. The sanctions follow Houthi attacks against the last government-controlled city in Yemen, Marib. (Jurist)