Peru: indigenous protesters shut down pipeline


On the sixth day of a declared civil strike (paro) in Peru’s Amazon rainforest, hundreds of indigenous protesters armed with spears seized oil installations Oct. 6, effectively shutting down the NorPeruano Pipeline. Station 5 on the pipeline, as well as oil exploitation blocs 192, 95 and 8, all in Loreto region, are under occupation. State company PetroPer√ļ admitted that personnel have¬†been evacuated from the pumping station,¬†in¬†Manseriche district, and that the seizure of the installation has “paralyzed the operations” of the pipeline. Awaj√ļn apu (traditional leader) James P√©rez, speaking for the Indigenous Association for the Development & Conservation of the Bajo Yurimaguas, said the paro will continue until the central government responds to protesters’ demands.

Protesters are insisting on a personal audience with President¬†Pedro Castillo¬†and his minister for energy and mines, Iv√°n Merino, to discuss their demands for environmental remediation following hundreds of oil spills,¬†and more investment in health and education programs for the region. The paro is being supported by the Native¬†Awaj√ļn Federation of the¬†R√≠o Apaga (FENARA) and the coalition Peoples Affected by Oil Activity¬†(PAAP). ¬†(Gesti√≥n, Andina, EFE)

Photo via Gestión

  1. North Peru pipeline sabotage?

    PetroPeru on Sept. 25 reported an attack against the Norperuvian Oil Pipeline (ONP) in the jungle region of Loreto had caused a spill triggering environmental contingency protocols. Crude spilled into the Rio Cuninico, affecting six communities of the Cuninico indigenous people in Urarinas district. A criminal investigation has been opened.

    PetroPeru has reported 10 attacks on the ONP since January. The pipeline has recorded at least 29 acts of sabotage since 2014. (MercoPress)

  2. North Peru pipeline sabotage redux?

    Indigenous residents of¬†Cuninico community,¬†Urarinas district, in Peru’s Loreto region, seized¬†98 riverboat passengers‚ÄĒ23 of them foreigners‚ÄĒand held them¬†overnight as a protest to demand government attention to complaints of oil pollution. (EuroNews)

    The Norperuano Pipeline (ONP) suffered what PetroPeru called intentional attacks at two location on Oct. 22‚ÄĒnear¬†Cuninico, and in¬†Imaza district, Bagua province, Amazonas region. (BNAmericas)

    PetroPeru has awarded a contract to Colombian firm Protección Catódica to modernize and strengthen the integrity of the ONP. (BNAmericas)