Trump order allowing localities to refuse refugees blocked

travel ban protest

Maryland federal judge Peter Messitte on Jan. 15 blocked the Trump administration’s order permitting state and local governments to prevent refugees from settling in their respective jurisdictions. The order stated that refugees must apply for written consent from local governments before settling in their areas of choice. It was challenged by three immigration advocacy groups, the Church World Service, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). The preliminary injunction puts a temporary hold on the order. Messitte’s reasoning was grounded in respect for statutory authority and separation of powers: “By giving states and local governments the power to veto where refugees may be resettled—in the face of clear statutory text and structure, purpose, congressional intent, executive practice, judicial holdings, and constitutional doctrine to the contrary—Order 13888 does not appear to serve the overall public interest.”

From Jurist, Jan. 16. Used with permission.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons