Sudan: 150 killed in new Darfur massacre


At least 150 were killed April 24 as paramilitary troops attacked a village in Sudan’s conflicted Darfur region. Fighters from the┬áRapid Support Forces (RSF),┬ámany riding motorbikes or driving vehicles mounted with machine-guns, swept in on the┬ávillage of Kereinik,┬átorching houses and shops and firing on┬áresidents. More than 80,000 families fled their homes┬áto seek refuge at the army headquarters in the village center. Hostilities between the Arab-dominated RSF and┬áMasalit┬ávillagers began days earlier, after two┬áArab herders were┬áreportedly killed by former rebel fighters. The fighting has since spread to the nearby town of ┬áGeneina,┬ácapital┬áof West Darfur state. Sudan’s central government is┬ásaid to be sending in military reinforcements and┬áwarplanes to contain the situation. (NYT, Dabanga, Sudan Tribune, NRC)

Photo: Sudan Tribune