Fifth Estate Live with Bill Weinberg

Fifth Estate

Portland-based musicianĀ and vlogger David Rovics interviews CounterVortex editorĀ Bill Weinberg forĀ Fifth Estate Live. The two discuss Weinberg’s upcoming story for the anarchist journal Fifth Estate on the “two faces of fascism” the US confronts at this momentā€”aĀ Trumpian dictatorship or a post-pandemic “new normality”Ā of complete surveillance and social control. But the moment is also pregnant with possibility, witnessing the mainstreaming of anarchist ideas such as abolishing the police. Initiatives such as cannabis legalization as a first step toward this aim are gaining ground nationally. Looking back, they draw lessons for the current revolutionary moment from theĀ Tompkins Square ParkĀ uprising on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the 1980s, and theĀ rebellion of the ZapatistasĀ inĀ Mexico in the 1990sā€”who continueĀ to hold liberated territory in the southern state of Chiapas even today. Watch the video archive on YouTubeĀ or listen to the audio version on SoundCloud.

Erratum: The book Three Faces of Fascism is by Ernst Nolte (not “Eric”)