Egypt sentences protesters to five years

Egyptian officials announced on May 15 the conviction and prison sentences of over one hundred demonstrators who were peacefully assembling without a permit. Fifty one individuals were sentenced to two years in prison while another hundred and one individuals were sentenced to five years in prison. The sentences were handed down in connection with the April demonstrations to protest Red Sea islands being turned over to Saudia Arabia. Many believed the islands were apart of an economic deal, and opposed against the government decision, leading to the charges of joining terrorist groups and disturbing the peace. The demonstrations were broken up by police officers who used tear-gas. The courts are permitting the convicted to appeal, as there is a dispute about the evidence and a claim that innocent bystanders were arrested in the disturbance.

From Jurist, May 15. Used with permission.

  1. Egypt appeals court acquits 33 convicted protesters

    A Cairo appeals court on June 4 acquitted 33 protesters previously sentenced to two years in prison. The protesters were among 300 others who were arrested  in April for holding a large scale public demonstration against the surrendering of Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. While the government cracked down on the demonstration, one of the largest since President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi was elected, the majority of the protesters have been freed, acquitted or released on bail. (Jurist)