Ecuador: indigenous dissident blasts bogus populism

Speaking at the fifth International Andino-Amazonian Forum for Rural Development in Cobija, Bolivia, a member of the delegation from Ecuador accused the Quito government of masking the despoliation of indigenous territories in populist phrases. Mónica Chuji, a community leader from the Ecuadoran rainforest, accused former president Rafael Correa of invoking the indigenous concept of Sumaj Causay or Vivir Bien (Good Living) in his new constitution only to “folklore-ize it [folklorizaron] so it ends up being a cliché without content.” She said there is a “divorce between the discourse and the reality” as Ecuador’s Amazon is opened to “mega-corporations that destroy our territories with the protection of successive governments.” She also charged the government with persecution of indigenous leaders who resist. “In Ecuador, there are now more than 500 leaders, men and women, subject to different legal processes—some sentenced, other facing trial, and many fugitives in the face of persecution and prosecution of social protest.” (Agencia de Noticias Fides, Bolivia, Oct. 17)

Photo: Agencia de Noticias Fides

  1. Preventative detention order for Rafael Correa
    On Aug. 8, a judge for Ecuador’s National Court of Justice issued a preventive detention order for former president Rafael Correa, due to his alleged involvement in the Odebrecht  bribery scandal. Correa’s defense attorney said that he would appeal the order. (Peoples Dispatch)

  2. Ecuador ex-president sentenced in corruption case

    Ecuador’s Prosecutor General announced April 7 that former president Rafael Correa had been sentenced in absentia for corruption. The sentence calls for eight years in prison as well as a 25-year ban on political activities, including running for office. (Jurist)

  3. Ecuador court confirms sentence for Rafael Correa

    An Ecuadoran court on Sept. 7 confirmed a corruption conviction for former president Rafael Correa. The decision puts an end to his plans to seek the vice presidency in elections in February. The court also confirmed eight-year prison sentences for Correa and 15 others. These included former vice president Jorge Glas, ex-officials and entrepreneurs. Correa, who lives in Belgium, had recently announced plans to be the running mate of leftist candidate Andres Arauz. (Havana Times)