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Argentina: US hedge funds force bond default

Argentina has defaulted for the second time in 13 years, thanks to US investors and US courts. Economists warn that the precedent could threaten the global financial system.


Israelis and Palestinians Who Refuse to Be Enemies


from IRIN

JERUSALEM — The sixty families are determined not to be driven apart by even the most extreme circumstances; the sign pointing to a bomb shelter is written in three languages—English, Arabic and Hebrew. Equidistant from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on a hilltop near the border with the West Bank, residents of the village called Neve Shalom and Wahat al-Salam (Oasis of Peace in Hebrew and Arabic) choose to live side by side in Israel’s only truly mixed community.

The 30 Israeli Jewish and 30 Palestinian families have resolved not to let the latest hostilities turn neighbor against neighbor. “These times of heightened violence actually really bring the village together,” said Bob Mark, a Jewish Israeli who taught at Neve Shalom’s primary school for 23 years. “You’ll find the village demonstrating together,” he added. While residents have differing views on the solution to the country’s woes they all agree that the killing must stop.