The Andes

‘Gasolinazo’ protests rock Peru

Hundreds marched on Peru's Congress building, in a rally that ended in clashes with the riot police in Lima's central Plaza San Martín, and a police car set on fire. The "Shut Down Congress" (Cierren el Congreso) mobilization was called to protest both economic austerity and official corruption, and came amid new revelations of vote-buying. It was the second such march since May 31, which saw a similar mobilization in downtown Lima. The press has dubbed the protest wave the "gasolinazo," as the high price of petrol (despite depressed global oil prices) is a key grievance. (Photo: @dbedoya08 via Debate)

The Andes

Peru: La Oroya protests turn deadly

One worker was killed before laid-off employees of the idled Oroya smelting complex lifted their strike as Peru's government pledged to reach a deal with the facility's creditors.

The Amazon

Peru: protests against PlusPetrol turn deadly

Two have been killed by army troops in militant protests against the operations of PlusPetrol at Pichanaki, on the edge of the Amazon rainforest Peru's Junín region.