Zapatistas launch symbolic ‘invasion’ of Spain

Squadron 421

Seven indigenous Maya members of Mexico’s Zapatista movement set sail May 3 from Isla Mujeres, off the coast of the Yucat√°n Peninsula, on a trans-Atlantic voyage meant to symbolically reverse the Spanish conquest of Mexico 500 years ago. Sailing in a 120-year-old fishing boat,¬†La Monta√Īa, the delegation hopes to reach Madrid by Aug. 13, anniversary of the 1521 fall of Tenochtitl√°n, Mexico’s ancient capital, to the conquistador Hernan¬†Cort√©s. The delegation intends to land at Vigo, on Spain’s northern coast, and then continue to Madrid, beginning a tour of some 20 European countries.

Dubbed¬†Squadron 421, the delegation¬†consists of seven Zapatista adherents‚ÄĒfour women, two men and one nonbinary person‚ÄĒand a crew of five international volunteers, from Germany and Colombia.

A press release signed by the Zapatistas’¬†Subcommander Galeano¬†called the undertaking a “Journey for Life” that would fulfill a¬†Mayan prophecy in which Ixchel, goddess of love and fertility, said: “From the east came death and slavery. Tomorrow, may life and freedom sail to the east in the word of my blood¬†and bones, my children.” (Pie P√°gina, Mexico, Al D√≠a, Philadelphia, AP via Border Report)

Photo: Daliri Oropeza/Pie P√°gina