Winter fund drive exceeds minimum goal!

Thanks to a donation from a reader in New York City, we have exceeded our winter fund drive goal of $2,000. The total now stands at $2,250. Recall that the original goal was $5,000—so if any other readers want to thusly encourage us, please feel free…! Remember, we receive no foundation support. We depend on our READERS to keep our rigorously independent and iconoclastic voice alive. Please do your part…

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¡Vamanos, muchachos!

Thank you for your support.

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  1. Its vam(o) nos not
    Its vam(o) nos not vamanos..illiterate much?i knew you would be afraid to post my syria comments,you are frauds!!!Zero credibility…learn arabic, before mentioning my part of the world… you are garbage…

    1. Called out on a spelling error
      You are correct, but unless Spanish is your first language, I am frankly amazed. In all the freaks who have posted comments to this website over the years, you display the most sweeping disregard for orthography. I am not in the least “afraid” to post any comments about Syria or anything else. But your postings aren’t “comments”—they are barrages of URLs with barely coherent headlines. This does not constitute a “comment.” We aren’t going to approve this kind of garbage. If you want to actually collect your thoughts and say something reasonably concise and coherent, we will be happy to engage you.

  2. Eleven readers heard from
    An anonymous reader in Oakland, Calif., writes:

    its the fucking Occupy thing, its sucking oxygen out of everything, hang in there, winters coming and the various camps are going to shrink or be evicted, here in Oakland, its about to implode

    so, try again in a couple of weeks i reckon !

    The fucking Occupy thing? We are very enthused by the global Occupation protests—which is why we have been closely covering them, providing reports not only from Oakland and Manhattan, but from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Greece, Spain and around the world. (We have also raised some pointed criticisms.)

    All the more reason for folks to support us!

  3. Twelve readers heard from
    Kim Alphandary in Portland, Ore., writes:

    Exit Poll: Is World War 4 Report still relevant ten years after its launch? If so, will you demonstrate this support with a small donation?

    small donation, not a do-able thing in these times!

    still relevant — absolutely, as i’ve mentioned before, love it when you go off and do a little, putting two and two together for us ignorants. i currently am referring to the post: OWS: Yes, we are anti-capitalist! i ended up in a conversation with fellow friends about the gold standard. in shock we took a second look at this. we had no idea that roosevelt was the president who went off the gold standard. nor was i aware of almost all the right-wing populism already dancing within the Occupy Movement. excepting for the V for Vendetta stuff. hate to see people so moved by a stupid movie like that! but again, was unaware that guy falks was a reactionary catholic militant.

    please keep up the good work. i am deep supporter of your work — thru spirit and not by funds.

    thanx again,
    kim alphandary

    Guy Fawkes. Amazing that the Wachowski Brothers have turned him into a left-wing anarchist in the popular mind.

    Thank you for being a loyal reader.

    Anyone else?

  4. A reader writes
    A reader in Noranda, Western Australia, who just donated $20, writes:

    I haven’t been reading WW4Report for 10 years (only about 18 months) but it is definitely relevant for me.

    I love your work and want you to keep doing what you’re doing. I have just made a small donation via paypal so you guys can keep on fighting the good fight. Please don’t stop. And please add me to the weekly headline e-list.

    Be like him!

  5. Another reader writes
    A reader in Tilburg, the Netherlands, writes:

    Yes, you are relevant, maybe more so than when you started (but that judgment may reflect the fact that I moved politically to ideas closer [to] yours: from Trotskyism to anarchism/ libertarian communism). Especially the stuff on conspirationalism, the cricical attitude towards leftist support for people like Ron Paul, is valuable, though the tone is somewhat shrill, especially when you react to comments. The frustration shines through, which is understandable but does not always make for easy reading and preparedness to actually listen to your arguments. But that is about style, not substance. The arguments you bring forward are important, as is the information that you bring [to] the reader’s attention, and though I cannot support the project financially, I cam only hope that you can keep it up and find the support you need.

    Will somebody donate in lieu of this reader?

  6. Hey, I donated $5…
    Well, sort of.

    I don’t understand, though: what’s your beef with Israel? Unless you’re a Haredi Jew who has a problem with Israel for religious reasons, then what is the problem? Jews have been persecuted since Pharaoh enslaved them in Egypt 3,500 years ago. So, the fact that there is finally an established state where Jews can live and fully be immersed in their culture and faith without fear of persecution from the government can only be a good thing, right?