US deports Haitians amid surging gang violence


The Biden administration reportedly sent over 70 Haitians back to their homeland on April 18 amid the Caribbean nation’s ongoing struggle with gang violence. The deportations were met with condemnation from human rights organizations, including the Haitian Bridge Alliance (HBA), which characterized the move as “intentional violence.” The HBA and nearly 500 other rights groups sent a letter to the Biden administration on March 26 requesting an extension on the moratorium on deportations of Haitians. The letter also called for the White House to re-designate Haiti for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a program for migrants from countries beset with armed conflict, allowing them to live and work in the US without fear of deportation. The letter reminded the administration of its “promise to build a fairer and more inclusive immigration and asylum system.”

From Jurist, April 20. Used with permission.

Photo: msjennm/Pixabay via Jurist

  1. UNICEF warns that Haiti’s capital is blockaded

    Haiti’s capital is almost completely cut off by air, sea and land as gang violence intensifies, stopping aid from getting to 58,000 children with the most life-threatening form of malnutrition, the head of the UN children’s agency warned April 22.

    UNICEF executive director Catherine Russell said two-thirds of Haiti’s children need aid, women and girls are being targeted with “extreme levels” of gender-based and sexual violence, and up to 50% of armed groups have children in their ranks.

    “The situation in Haiti is catastrophic, and it grows worse by the day,” Russell told the Security Council. “Port-au-Prince is now almost completely sealed off because of air, sea and land blockades.” (Reuters)