Syria: regime bombs first responder headquarters


Assad regime forces on June 20 shelled a White Helmets civil defense center in northwest Syria, killing a rescuer and wounding three others. The destroyed center was in the town of Qastoun in the al-Ghab Plain of western Hama province. Local sources said that Russian-made Krasnopol guided missiles were used, indicating the deliberate targeting of the rescuers. Regime forces have escalated shelling of southern Idlib and western Hama provinces this month, as civilians return to their homes from displaced persons camps near the Turkish border. At least nine people have been killed, a school destroyed, and crops burned. (EA Worldview, AP)

Regime forces destroyed a hospital in Idlib on June 1.

Photo via EA Worldview

  1. Idlib hospitals overwhelmed

    Regime shelling killed a dozen people, inlcuding four children, in Syria’s northwest Idlib province Oct. 20. Idlib is the final stronghold for rebels still fighting the Assad regime. But the province is also under attack from a different threat—its most severe wave of COVID-19. The delta variant is hitting hospitals already weakened by war. (PBS News Hour)

  2. Russia still bombing Syria’s Idlib

    Attacks on civilians in Idlib almost continue on a daily basis and have caused the deaths of several children and women in recent days. Most recently on Dec. 11, three people died, among them a child, in another attack by Russian warplanes, the White Helmets civil defense group reported. The attack took place in the outskirts of al-Jadeeda village west of Idlib and injured 13, including nine children. (Daily Sabah)