Sudan: mass exodus from El Fasher


A mass exodus of civilians from El Fasher, capital of Sudan’s North Darfur state, is underway as the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) battle for control of the city. The month-long RSF siege of El Fasher has resulted in hundreds of casualties and triggered the massive wave of displacement, with an estimated 28,000 people fleeing their homes between May 24 and June 3. Those fleeing have recounted harrowing experiences of escalating violence and dire living conditions.

Adam Rajal, spokesperson for the General Coordination of Displaced Persons & Refugee Camps in Darfur, confirmed June 10 that thousands of displaced individuals have arrived in the town of Tawila, 60 kilometers west of El Fasher. The situation in Tawila is dire, with the local Displaced Persons Shelter Committee reporting severe shortages of food, medicine, water, and shelter. Tawila was previously under army control but has been taken over by the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) to protect those fleeing the fighting. (Sudan Tribune)

Photo: Sudan Tribune