Secret “interrogation techniques” justify incommunicado detention

Have we finally arrived at the pinnacle of cynicism? The use of torture is used as an excuse to keep detainees from speaking publicly about…the use of torture. From AP, Nov. 5, link added:

Court Told It Lacks Power in Detainee Cases

Washington: A suspected terrorist who spent years in a secret CIA prison should not be allowed to speak to a civilian attorney, the Bush administration argues, because he could reveal the agency’s closely guarded interrogation techniques.

Human rights groups have questioned the CIA’s methods for questioning suspects, especially following the passage of a Bill last month that authorised the use of harsh – but undefined – interrogation tactics.

In recently filed court documents, the Justice Department said those methods, along with the locations of the CIA’s network of prisons, are among the nation’s most sensitive secrets. Prisoners who spent time in those prisons should not be allowed to disclose that information, even to a lawyer, the government said.

“Improper disclosure of other operational details, such as interrogation methods, could also enable terrorist organisations and operatives to adapt their training to counter such methods, thereby obstructing the CIA’s ability to obtain vital intelligence that could disrupt future planned terrorist attacks,” the Justice Department wrote.

The documents were filed in opposition to a request that terror suspect Majid Khan should be given access to an attorney.

Khan, 26, immigrated from Pakistan and graduated high school in Maryland.

During more than three years in CIA custody, Khan was subjected to interrogation techniques.

President George W. Bush acknowledged the existence of the CIA system in September and transferred Khan and 13 other prisoners to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Under a law passed last month, they are to be tried before special military commissions and may not have access to civilian courts.

See our last post on the torture scandal and the Military Commissions Act.

  1. Dude can’t win
    On the subject… From AP, Oct. 21:

    U.S. Jails Man Once Tortured by Taliban

    Abdul Rahim insists he’s an apolitical student who fled a strict father. But he’s fallen into a black hole in the war on terror in which first the Taliban and then the United States imprisoned him as an enemy of the state.

    Arrested by the Taliban in Afghanistan in January 2000, Rahim says al-Qaida leaders burned him with cigarettes, smashed his right hand, deprived him of sleep, nearly drowned him and hanged him from the ceiling until he “confessed” to spying for the United States.

    U.S. forces took the young Kurd from Syria into custody in January 2002 after the Taliban fled his prison. Accusing him of being an al-Qaida terrorist, U.S. interrogators deprived him of sleep, threatened him with police dogs and kept him in stress positions for hours, he says. He’s been held ever since as an enemy combatant.

    Charming, eh?

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