Iraq: labor federation holds first convention under fire

From the General Federation of Trade Unions-Iraq:

To all labor unions and organizations of the world,
On the General Federation of Trade Unions- Iraq (GFTU-Iraq) first convention

Solidarity greetings:

Our union GFTU-Iraq that was formed in June 2006 after a merger of the General Federation of Democratic Trade Unions and the Unions of Employees of Iraq will be holding its first convention in November 18, 2006 under very complicated political situations such as the absence of security and civil war that has been escalating viciously day by day.

As all of us know, the occupation has destroyed everything in Iraqi society, unleashed the sectarian and nationalist gangs to slaughter and jeopardize people safety. These groups have failed miserably to instigate people (primarily workers) to fight each other; therefore they change tactics to target the workers in their workplaces and living neighborhoods, kidnapping women, raping and throwing them dead in abandoned areas as a sectarian revenge to add more fuel to the fire.

They seek breaking the unity of the workers by calling for sectarian federalism, and defining them based on their ethnic background and religious belief.

We the workers in GFTU-Iraq have determined to tackle these tragic issues by raising awareness among people of the draw backs caused by the sectarian and ethnic divisions, also educating them on the peaceful and democratic ways of struggle against occupation and civil war.

We strongly believe that workers unity is the only path towards defeating the occupation enterprises. Therefore we will be holding our first convention in Baghdad to send a clear message to both our people and the occupation, stating that we shall overcome.

We struggle to bring peace and democracy to Iraq which is part of your struggle to end war on occupation. The labor movement in Iraq is part of the international labor movement who struggle to bring about freedom, prosperity and democracy,

We appeal to you to support the Iraqi workers who are struggling against the most vicious enemy in the world. Your solidarity and support are the only way to defeat the enemy and to raise the working class flag, the flag of humanity.

Building a free and democratic society where no racism and discrimination, secular and non-ethnic society is determined by your solidarity and support.

Long Live International Labor Solidarity.



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