Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen?

Saudi Arabia’s air force attacked Yemeni rebels holding territory in the in Jabal al-Dokhan along the kingdom’s southern border Nov. 5. The Defense Ministry in Sanaa denied local media reports that Saudi jets struck within Yemeni territory. The air-strikes followed a gun-battle in which a Saudi border guard was killed and 10 wounded when Houthi rebels from Yemen attacked. The Houthis issued a statement saying they seized the Jabal al-Dokhan because Saudi Arabia had allowed the Yemeni army to use the area for attacks on the rebels. (Bloomberg, Nov. 6; Arab News, NYT, Nov. 5)

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  1. Saudis impose naval blockade of north Yemen
    Saudi Arabia imposed a naval blockade Nov. 10 on the Red Sea coast of northern Yemen to combat Shi’ite rebels along its border. Meanwhile Iran, which is thought to favor the rebels, warned neighboring countries not to interfere in Yemen’s internal affairs. (AP, Nov. 10)